Monday, March 31, 2014


     It´s a girl! And the cutest one I´ve ever seen. Way to go Dev and Teddi, congrats. I feel like I should be heartbroken with U of A losing (which I am still sad), but sweet little Beau is here. how can I be sad when I have a new niece!! I bet Mom is in heaven right now just surrounded by all her grandkids! Well thats if you arrived in Provo and not in Texas or another state haha! Dad, Im sorry you were sick and down for bit. But I hope all is better and your now back up and running! Jordy and Naes, way to go and beat Mountain View. That is always a great feeling!
    Well, even though Arizona is out, the madness of missionary work continues around the world! This week was a little tougher than the past ones. Since i first arrived here in Rodeo, its been a little bit easier than usual. We had plenty of investigators to teach, things were falling into place, and the lord was blessing us for our efforts. But this past week was a little different. We got dropped by a few people and didnt have a whole lot of people to teach. For the first few days we didnt even get into a house. Those are the times that it is a little more difficult to have the desire to leave the pench and work. But we kept going on. working hard. and opening our mouths. The Lord blessed us for that and things started to change. A ward member called us and told us to come over to her house Saturday. So we went and she took us to meet all of her neighbors and invite them to listen to us. It was way awesome. We got in with one of them, a lady and her husband, and it was sure interesting. Little did we know, the lady was a Jehovas Witness. As we were trying to teach the restauration, she would keep interrupting us with random questions like wars, donating blood, and tithing haha. But it ended well and they allowed us to come back this week.
    Gustavo is doing well. He has a drinking problem, so we have started to work with him to drop drinking. But he still has a desire to get baptised and change his life. We werent able to meet with him last night for his cita because there was the Boca vs River game going on (the two big soccer teams here). So basically the whole city shut down. It would be perfectly silent until you hear screaming, yelling, and firecrackers going off letting us know that one of the teams just scored a goal haha!
    Oh, we got to go to the zoo last week. Not quite as exotic as you were thinking mom. I have no idea how many goats were there haha. But they still had monkeys and some other cool animals so it was still pretty fun. 
    Well, iv got to get going, we are playing some futbal for pday, maybe even some basketball!! But I love you all so much, cant wait to meet little Beau, life good and the mission is great! Have a great week, love you all!!

Elder Wengert-W9

PS- We have General Conference this week. Im so excited!! Lets here it for the gringo room haha!

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