Monday, March 24, 2014


      Sounds like another good week back in Marana. Thank you so much of the final video of Dallin Amy. It was so amazing. Way to go TJ! Mom, we went to the zoo last week for pday and it was closed. Its only opened on mondays that are holidays. But guess what, today is a holiday, so we are going back. But instead we went Cerro de la Gloria or Glory Hill. It´s a pretty famous monument thats here in Mendoza. Its all about the freedom of Argentina and that good stuff. It was actually pretty cool! The concert for Dallin sounded so awesome! So Skyler McCook got his call to Peru, so awesome!! Speaking the good language of spanish. I cant even imagine teaching in english. I had to do it once back in Alvear and it was terrible. But that will so awesome for him! Arizona is in the Sweet 16!!! So awesome and exciting. Keep me updated Dad, and who do you have as your Final 4?! And looks like the Miller brothers are representing haha. Dev and Teddi, you are so close. I cant wait to find out about this little guy or girl. Here comes number 5!! Tara, thank you so much for the pictures. The boys are so big and adorable. And keep me updated with Ty Ty. Ill be praying for my little guy!
     Well this week was pretty crazy and dificult. Our bishop is a little difficult to deal with at times and he didnt want to baptize the Paez kids. Elder Christensen and I had prayed a bunch about this family and the date we should baptize them, and we felt like the 22 of March was the day the Lord had planned for them. So we met with him and explained that to him. That we didnt want to baptize them for numbers but beacuse we feel like that will be the best day for them. We finally got him to kneel down with us and to pray about it as well. We left still without his support. But Saturday morning (the day the baptism was planned for) he called us and told us that he had been thinking about it a lot and he feels like we should baptize the Paez childeren. Since the baptism was planned for that night we just went crazy calling people for talks and to have members there for a support system. In the long run the baptism went great. Elder Christensen got to baptize Xixia and I got to baptize H├ęctor and Giuliana. It really was such an awesome day. Xixia and Giuliana (8 and 11 years old) were prancing around the church in their white clothes like princesses and posing for pictures. It was pretty cute! And Mom, a while back you sent me CTR rings and necklaces that you found in your closet. Thank you so much becase they worked perfectly as gifts for them. The girls loved the necklaces and they told us they are now their most priced possesion haha. They are such a great family.
     A while back we were teaching this 15 year old boy named Gonzalo, but we could never get in the house for a second lesson. So we had to drop him. But the past week we had eschanges with the Zone Leaders to do the interviews for the Paez kids. But Elder Hurly, the Zone Leader, and I felt prompted to stop by his house. Gonzalo wasnt there but we got to talk to his dad, Roberto. He is a great guy and he told us that he found his sons Book of Mormon in the house and that he has been reading it. He really likes it and wants us to come back. Its just a little difficult because he works a lot. So we now have his phone number that we can use to get ahold of him and meet up´with him. We are pretty excited.
    Unfortunately we werent able to meet with Gustavo this week. He also works a lot and we can only meet up with him on Saturdays. He went out of town this week to San Luis, the providence next door to us. But he is always texting us during the week to see when we can meet up and just to see how we are doing. He is so great!
    Well, there are miracles happening here in Rodeo. Just an example that the Lord works with us everyday. He leads the work and is the best companion ever. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Wengert-W9

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