Monday, March 31, 2014


     It´s a girl! And the cutest one I´ve ever seen. Way to go Dev and Teddi, congrats. I feel like I should be heartbroken with U of A losing (which I am still sad), but sweet little Beau is here. how can I be sad when I have a new niece!! I bet Mom is in heaven right now just surrounded by all her grandkids! Well thats if you arrived in Provo and not in Texas or another state haha! Dad, Im sorry you were sick and down for bit. But I hope all is better and your now back up and running! Jordy and Naes, way to go and beat Mountain View. That is always a great feeling!
    Well, even though Arizona is out, the madness of missionary work continues around the world! This week was a little tougher than the past ones. Since i first arrived here in Rodeo, its been a little bit easier than usual. We had plenty of investigators to teach, things were falling into place, and the lord was blessing us for our efforts. But this past week was a little different. We got dropped by a few people and didnt have a whole lot of people to teach. For the first few days we didnt even get into a house. Those are the times that it is a little more difficult to have the desire to leave the pench and work. But we kept going on. working hard. and opening our mouths. The Lord blessed us for that and things started to change. A ward member called us and told us to come over to her house Saturday. So we went and she took us to meet all of her neighbors and invite them to listen to us. It was way awesome. We got in with one of them, a lady and her husband, and it was sure interesting. Little did we know, the lady was a Jehovas Witness. As we were trying to teach the restauration, she would keep interrupting us with random questions like wars, donating blood, and tithing haha. But it ended well and they allowed us to come back this week.
    Gustavo is doing well. He has a drinking problem, so we have started to work with him to drop drinking. But he still has a desire to get baptised and change his life. We werent able to meet with him last night for his cita because there was the Boca vs River game going on (the two big soccer teams here). So basically the whole city shut down. It would be perfectly silent until you hear screaming, yelling, and firecrackers going off letting us know that one of the teams just scored a goal haha!
    Oh, we got to go to the zoo last week. Not quite as exotic as you were thinking mom. I have no idea how many goats were there haha. But they still had monkeys and some other cool animals so it was still pretty fun. 
    Well, iv got to get going, we are playing some futbal for pday, maybe even some basketball!! But I love you all so much, cant wait to meet little Beau, life good and the mission is great! Have a great week, love you all!!

Elder Wengert-W9

PS- We have General Conference this week. Im so excited!! Lets here it for the gringo room haha!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Baptism!!

1. Giuliana, Xixia, Héctor, and us!
2. The Familia Paez. But they lack like 8 more people in the picture haha.
3. We found this restaurant that sells TACOS in our area. So we had to go after the baptism to celebrate haha. It was a way cool place that even had the cool colorful lights. Not a typical Argentine restraunt haha!


      Sounds like another good week back in Marana. Thank you so much of the final video of Dallin Amy. It was so amazing. Way to go TJ! Mom, we went to the zoo last week for pday and it was closed. Its only opened on mondays that are holidays. But guess what, today is a holiday, so we are going back. But instead we went Cerro de la Gloria or Glory Hill. It´s a pretty famous monument thats here in Mendoza. Its all about the freedom of Argentina and that good stuff. It was actually pretty cool! The concert for Dallin sounded so awesome! So Skyler McCook got his call to Peru, so awesome!! Speaking the good language of spanish. I cant even imagine teaching in english. I had to do it once back in Alvear and it was terrible. But that will so awesome for him! Arizona is in the Sweet 16!!! So awesome and exciting. Keep me updated Dad, and who do you have as your Final 4?! And looks like the Miller brothers are representing haha. Dev and Teddi, you are so close. I cant wait to find out about this little guy or girl. Here comes number 5!! Tara, thank you so much for the pictures. The boys are so big and adorable. And keep me updated with Ty Ty. Ill be praying for my little guy!
     Well this week was pretty crazy and dificult. Our bishop is a little difficult to deal with at times and he didnt want to baptize the Paez kids. Elder Christensen and I had prayed a bunch about this family and the date we should baptize them, and we felt like the 22 of March was the day the Lord had planned for them. So we met with him and explained that to him. That we didnt want to baptize them for numbers but beacuse we feel like that will be the best day for them. We finally got him to kneel down with us and to pray about it as well. We left still without his support. But Saturday morning (the day the baptism was planned for) he called us and told us that he had been thinking about it a lot and he feels like we should baptize the Paez childeren. Since the baptism was planned for that night we just went crazy calling people for talks and to have members there for a support system. In the long run the baptism went great. Elder Christensen got to baptize Xixia and I got to baptize Héctor and Giuliana. It really was such an awesome day. Xixia and Giuliana (8 and 11 years old) were prancing around the church in their white clothes like princesses and posing for pictures. It was pretty cute! And Mom, a while back you sent me CTR rings and necklaces that you found in your closet. Thank you so much becase they worked perfectly as gifts for them. The girls loved the necklaces and they told us they are now their most priced possesion haha. They are such a great family.
     A while back we were teaching this 15 year old boy named Gonzalo, but we could never get in the house for a second lesson. So we had to drop him. But the past week we had eschanges with the Zone Leaders to do the interviews for the Paez kids. But Elder Hurly, the Zone Leader, and I felt prompted to stop by his house. Gonzalo wasnt there but we got to talk to his dad, Roberto. He is a great guy and he told us that he found his sons Book of Mormon in the house and that he has been reading it. He really likes it and wants us to come back. Its just a little difficult because he works a lot. So we now have his phone number that we can use to get ahold of him and meet up´with him. We are pretty excited.
    Unfortunately we werent able to meet with Gustavo this week. He also works a lot and we can only meet up with him on Saturdays. He went out of town this week to San Luis, the providence next door to us. But he is always texting us during the week to see when we can meet up and just to see how we are doing. He is so great!
    Well, there are miracles happening here in Rodeo. Just an example that the Lord works with us everyday. He leads the work and is the best companion ever. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello from Argentina!

   You know at times i dont fully understand. How am I always so tired, yet so happy?! Just like Dad said, it never felt so good to go to bed so tired as a missionary. Its an amazing thing! But enough about me for now! Jordy and Naes, way to go. Winning the championship, so proud haha! And Jordy getting asked to prom. How exciting!! Make sure he knows that even though im 6000 miles away he still better watch out! Thank you so much for all of the pictures, i love getting pictures!! Dev, that was a good loookin tie you wore to Koles wedding!! And what is the last name of Koles wife? I have a sister in my zone that went to high school with him who wants to know if she knows her.  Dallin, thank you so much for writing, that concert looks so cool. That is so amazing they are putting that on for you! Dad, thank you so much for the brackets. I wont be able to have the time to fill it out. But I atleast get to see who arizona will be playing. Mom, you are just the greatest. The best Mom, seminary teacher, and missionary. You got it all!!  Tan Man, way to go going to the temple. And with family names. What a stud. Jess I got your package today. Thank you so much!! You will be having one coming your way very soon ok!!! Also please thank the Youngs and the Laulusas for me for there packages! There caramels were some of the best things I have tasted in a while!
     First I dont have a lot of time today. We are traveling to Mendoza Central to go the zoo haha. That should be fun! But this week was way good. Elder Nuñez came to our Stake conference and talked a lot to the stake about the importance of Marriage and of course missionary work. Our ward has already called us to set up times to come out with us and meetings with the leaders. Zone conference was amazing as well. You always leave with  new vision of missionary work. Elder Ballard traveled to Buenos Aires earlier this year and met with all of the Argentina Mission Presidents and few others from other countries in South America. Elder Ballard has changed our daily schedule. We now leave the pench at 9:30 so that we have a little bit more time to talk with the people before the siasta comes. Then we do that last 30 minutes of Comp study after lunch. It has been amazing and we have found so many more future investigators from just that extra 30 minutes in the morning.
      Well, this week went pretty well. This Saturday we will be holding the baptism for the 3 Paez kids. Hector, Yuliana, and Xixia. So we are looking forward to them. They are such sweet kids and are always asking us ´´when is family night?´´. Our ward gathers each week for their ´´Noche de Hogar´´.  Leandro and Malena are still doing good, except one thing happened. A little thing went down with the family and they moved out of there house and out of our area. They are just like 2 streets out of Rodeo. When we told them that we couldnt pass by since they are outside of our area they got super sad and said ´´but we want you guys´´. So we are going to see if we can recieve permission to still continue teaching them. They are so awesome!
     Miracle of the week!!! Do you remember Gustavo? The guy who stopped us in the street and said that he listened to the missionaries before and wanted to get baptised but had to leave for chile. We were able to get his phone number from his son and we got a hold of him finally. 3 weeks of searching payed off. Well we went over to his house on Saturday and we taught the Restauration and watched the first vision video with him. It was a super powerful lesson and the spirit was testifying so strongly. Aftewards he accepted our baptismal invitation for the 12 of april. He his an awesome guy and has so much faith,
     Sorry its so short, next week ill do better. I love you all so much. This is the work of the Lord, and each and everyone of us have the same responsibility in the work of salvacion. Have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello from Zion!!

Hello everybody!
       Sounds like a crazy week for everybody. Shad and Clay looked so cute for their blessings. I got to participate in a baby blessing 2 weeks ago. The mom just barely came back to church so her son was about 2 years old. But she got permission to still do it. He was the cutest little kid in his white suit and sitting all proud on the chair with all the attention on him!! Amy, how is your arm doing? Do you have a cast yet? Nooo, my poor Chico!! No more running, working, cuddle, and golf cart riding buddy. But he is up waiting for us! Dev and Teddi, Im looking forward to this new baby. Keep me updated! Ty is talking so much!!! That is so crazy! Will i get to talk to  him at all when we skype for Mothers day? Jess, you are in Wells now!!! And your comp is from Bolivia. Close to my kneck of the woods. We have a lot of Bolivians here in my area and there was even more in my first area of Rodeo del medio. Tell her ´´hola´´ for me! And im sorry you didnt have hot water for so long. If it makes you feel better I havent had hot water in my last 2 areas haha. So the only hot shower I have had in the last six months has been out of a bucket haha. But its still hot enough that I dont always want one. But its slowly cooling off luckily. Mom, the birthday cake turned out pretty well and they loved it, but the changed the little celebration to today. So we are stopping by real quick tonight for that! Dad, tara sent me a picture of you laying on the couch with the boys!! You are such a natural and awesome Grandpa!
    Well, this first was a little difficult but ended awesome!! We went last Wednesday with Leandro and Malena to take out their turn and date for marriage. But when we got there the lady said they have to come with Malenas parents because she is only 16 (yes only 16 and they have 2 kids together. But they want to change and have an eternal family. They are so awesome). But the thing is Malenas parents didnt want them to get married. So we went over last night and taught the law of chastity to all of them. It was so amazing through. At one point we were having the mom of Malena, named Veronica, reading out of the pamphlet and she just stopped in the middle and says ´´wow, I understand now´´. And later said ´´if God wants them to get married, then so do I´´. So humbling to see them actually change right in front of us. So tomorrow morning we all going together to take out a date for the wedding. We dont know exactly when, but we are thinking we will have her baptism and everything ready for that by the 29 of this month!! I just love that family!!
       The Familia Paez, is doing pretty well. Except there is a problem with one of there kids named Brian. We are planning on having the baptism for the 3 kids the 22 of this month, so that will be a lot of fun! They are a crazy but such an awesome family!
     Well, this week Elder Christensen got pretty sick, so we were stuck in the pench for about 2 days. I really enjoyed it at first. I had a lot of time to study and I learned so much. We have like 6 General Conference issues of the Liahona, so I was studying those for a while. It was way awesome and strengthened my testimony so much of Christ, temples, and so many other topics. But, after 2 days I was was just dying to get outside and work. I dont know how you were able to do it for so long Jess!
    This week should be amazing. Thursday we have Zone Conference at the offices (mail time!!!) with Presidente Ávila which is always a good time and this weekend is Stake Conference for the Guaymallén Stake. And Elder Nuñez of the 70 is coming. So we are going to be working super hard to get investigators come with us to hear such a powerful speaker like Elder Nuñez.
    Well Im so glad everybod is doing well and I hope you all continue with an amazing week! I look forward to hearing from you next week. I love you all so much!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, March 3, 2014


The District from last Transfer. 


Hello from good ol Rodeo!
    Sounds like an interesting and Crazy week for the Wengert Family. But hey, I dont think normal weeks exist for us. No, not my Chico. I will be praying for him for sure. Mans best friend!! And Amy, im so sorry about your arm. that stupid curb should have gotten out of your way!! Ím still trying to picture Dan dancing at the house, its a little difficult for me. He sounds so different than before haha. Im glad all of the sicknesses are starting to go away. Thats never any fun! Tan Man, you be looking like a capo (stud) in your contacts. Now you will be killing it even more in sports!! Jordy and Naes, how is softball going? When do games start? Dad, i would love some of your pollo asado tacos right now (nice job putting a little bit of spanish in there haha). Im glad to hear U of A is doing so good!! Im excited to hear how they do in the NCAA tournament! I was able to see a picture of the Gilbert Temple this past week. It is so big and bautiful. I will have to go there when I get back. The church just continues to grow in Arizona! Kole gets married on Thursday?! That is way crazy haha. Where at, I need some pictures please! 
    Well, the miracles just keep coming here in Rodeo de la Cruz! The Familia Paez is doing awesome. They went to FHE with the ward last week and to church yesterday. The ward has been so good to them. The Elders Quorum President, Hermano Aban, came and helped us with there roof and then other members got some clothes together for the childeren. We should be having there baptisms for the four youngest kids on the 15th! All the rest of the  older kids and them mom are already members but are coming back to church. Later today for pday we are getting together with them to play fútbal and it´s Julianas birthday today (the 11 year old daughter). Yes, Elder Christensen and I baked a cake and are taking it over to them. It should be way fun. 
    I dont know if I ever told you about Leandro and Malena. Leandro is a member but his family went inactive when he was 9. But last transfer he just showed at the church one Sunday and said he wanted to change his life around and come back to church. So he came to church with us and loved it. The next week he came again with his girlfriend, Malena. They have been coming to church ever since. We are now teaching Malena and she wants to be baptised si o si! So this week we are going with them to take out their ´´turn´´ or a date for their wedding. They are such an awesome couple!!
   Also this past week, a guy named Gustavo stopped us on the street and said that he listened to the missionaries a while back and was going to get baptised, but then something happened and he had to leave to Chile. But he told us that he is now back and wants us to come by his house. So we have an appoitment set with him this week!!
    Well, im sorry this is such a short one this time. Its another one of those dang holdays today and we had to go to another area to find a internet cafe open to use. But I love you all so much and am so grateful for everything you do for me. you are helping change lives here in Argentina. Have a great week!

Elder Wengert-W9