Monday, December 29, 2014

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1. Elder Hernandez and I last pday.
2. Ok, I only added this one to the list so that somebody can forward it to uncle Gordon. Only he will understand it and i think he will get a kick out of it haha

Here comes 2015!!!

    Wow, it was so awesome to see you all. Except everybody is so big. Tanner is more like a man with his low voice and everything, and my sisters are gorgeous!! You girls are lucky im coming home soon haha! Mom, you are still famous here since everybody got a kick out of you haha. You are the best! And Dad, Elder Hernandez could tell right away that you lived in Chihuahua for a bit. He said you had a little more of a northern accent and were saing things like ´´que le hace´´. So good job! Everybody else (especially Mom), we will work on your spanish later haha. But seriously, thank you so much for skyping, and sorry that we didnt have the best connection. But hey, it was still worth it!!
   Well, this week, we didnt have much time to work with the mission Christmas party on Tuesday, Christmas eve, and then Christmas day where we could only leave the pench to skype. But even with the limited time, we were able to see some sweet miracles! Fist, we had a stake activity with some of the YSA´s where we went to the main plaza in San Juan centro to pass out the ´´He is the Gift´´ cards and talk about the true meaning of Christmas. But of the YSAs was Belén Sanchez, my convert from Benavidez. We got to talk for a bit afterwards and it was so great to hear about how strong she still is in the gospel. She is now in the Young Womens presidency and is even thinking about serving a mission. It was amazing to see her and her growth after 6 months. But the biggest miracle happened on Saturday when we found Margarita, a woman super prepared by he Lord. Margarita met with the missionaries back in 2012 and was very close to be getting baptized. She had the inerview and everything. But because of some negative feelings from her husband, it ended up not happening. We found her teaching record in the area book friday night and decided to pass by Saturday morning. We got to her little apartment, clapped at the door, and she answered with the biggest smile ever on her face as if she was expecting us. She let us in and told us as we were sitting down ´´I knew you two would come´´. She then told us about how she has been reading the Book of Mormon ever since she talked to the missionaries 3 years ago. She never went to church or was baptised out of fear from her husband. But she said that she is tired of this as is now ready to do whatever is necesary to follow Christ. That morning she had prayed, asked the Lord to bring the missionaries back to her home, and then sat down to wait for us to come. Two hours later was when Elder Hernandez and I passed by her home. There are still many problems with her husband and the rest of her family, and for this reason she wasnt able to go to church yesterday. But she is going to spend this week studying and praying to know what she should do to best follow Christ at this time. So if you could, please keep Margarita in your prayers. She is an incedibe woman with incredible desires to accept the gospel.
   So everything is going great here in Retiro. Hot but good. But atleast we have a AC unit (if you can even call it that haha) in our bedroom making it atleast possible to sleep at night. During the day is another story, but no heat is stopping us. Thank you so much for your love and everything you do. I love you and hope you have an amazing New Years!!

Elder Wengert - W9

PS-Sorry, my first email got erased right as i finished it, so thats why this one isnt as good haha!

1. Belén and I.
2. After the stake activity

Monday, December 22, 2014


   Hello everybody and Merry Christmas!! What an amazing time be a missionary! Im glad to hear that everybody is doing great! Jess, shoulder injuries are the worst. You may try sleeping on the couch with your shoulder propped up against the back. That helped me a lot to sleep! Im so excited to see all of you on Thursday!! I cant even believe it is Christmas. It is too hot here and no christmas decorations. But oh well, it has helped me a lot to focus on how Christ truly is the gift and this is his time!! What are all of your plans for christmas?? Mom, I have 2 of my christmas packages so far, so thank you so much. And tomorrow we have a mission christmas party in Mendoza, so hopefully there will be a few more there!!
    So I am now here in Retiro in Chimbas San Juan. It has been way fun because like 6 months ago when I was Benavidez I had to spend a day in this area and a bunch of the members still remembered me. But I am here with my new boy, Elder Hernandez from Mexico. He is a brand new 18 year old missionary and a convert of 2 years. He is really great and we have gotten along very well so far. The ward here is way awesome. They called a new bishop only 3 months ago, Obispo Colombo. But he is only 29 years old and has really gotten this ward excited about missionary work. 
    We met with and are working now with a man named Diego Saez. His mom and siblings are converts of about 3 years and are way solid members. But Diego was pretty upset when they all got baptised and told them that he would never go to church. But about 4 months ago he had a motorcycle accident and felt like he should have died. He took that as a sign and then as soon as he could walk again (like 3 weeks ago) started going to church with his family to begin to change his life around. He is a great guy. he just doesnt want to get baptised until his is 100% sure that it is true. So we are going to keep working with him and take care of that haha! So we have some good things going for us here in Retiro.
    Well, sorry that its a little shorter this week. I can share more on thursday!!! I love you all so much and look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you. Have a wonderful christmas filled with the true christmas spirit: our Savior Jesus Christ!

Elder Wengert - W9

1. Elder Hernandez and I.
2. Goodbye to San Luis!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Here comes #4!!

   Well hello everybody!! Another busy and great week for the Wengert family. Jordan, you looked absolutley beatiful!! It´s probably a good thing that im coming home pretty soon haha! Tan, way to go in basketball. Soundsl like guys are really playing well! Jess, sounds like all of those guys in Logan area going for you haha. And good luck with you shoulder surgery! Jordy and Naes, good luck with CDO. Take it to them!! I am super excited to be able to see you all and talk for a bit. The best christmas present I could ask for!! 
    Well this was probably the craziest and busiest week of my mission so far. Elder Rabanales and I were just having to run around all week with Zone Meeting, service for a family in the ward, taking care of the zone, zone conference, stake conference, and still trying to balance our area and investigators. But it was still a great week!! Darío is still going very strong and his testimony just continues to grow. Right he is trying to get one of his friends, Kevin, to meet with us. And the best news is that this sunday Darío will be recieving the preisthood. He is just doing way awesome!! Cristian is also doing way good as well. He wasnt able to come to church yesterday because he has his little 2 year old daughter in Buenos Aires sick with cancer, so he was there visiting her. But he got back yesterday afternoon and we were able to meet with him. He knows he has a lot to change, but he is so willing to do it and is exciting for the order and peace the gospel with bring to his life.
    So since we had Zone Conference on friday and then stake conference saturday and sunday, we had the privilege of having President and Hermana Goates here in San Luis for three days. They always bring so much love, enthusiasm, and a powerful spirit with them. I remember one thing that Elder Christofferson taught us when he came here to Mendoza. He said that a huge part of our missiona calls and being assigned to this specific place was our mission president, and I have really been able to see that. Each and everyone of my mission presidents President Wilky, President Ávila, and now President Goates have each had such a huge impact on my mission and my life. What a blessing to be around such specail servants of the Lord! And yesterday I had a special experience with President Goates. We were there in the chapel waiting for the stake conference to start. President Goates called me over, put his arm around me, and took me away from the other missionaries. We had a good heart to heart talk together with a spirit incredibly powerful. At the the end president told me ´´Elder Wengert I want to thank you for your time here in San Luis as a zone leader. You have worked wonders here in the work of the Lord. But now the Lord has a new calling for you. He would like you train one more time before ending the mission´´. So that is it. We now have finished another transfer and I will be now leaving San Luis to go back to Chimbas San Juan to train and wash the area of Retiro. So here comes #4. So I am way excited for this. I will be getting my new comp on Wednesday and after head out to San Juan. So here it is. This is what Iv been preparing for this whole. The last minute of the fourth quarter. Thanks to each and everyone of you I know what to do! Now I just have got To Do It!! Thank you so much. I love you all so much and will see you soon. Have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, December 8, 2014

Baptism of Darío Gomez

Our White Christmas!!!

    Hello everybody!!! Everybody sounds so good!! Uncle Kenny, I honestly didnt recognize Porter in that picture. I thought that it had to be Keaton haha! All your kids are so grown up!! Jordy and Naes, way to go with basketball. Sounds like you are all playing really well!  Tan, good luck in your tournament! So it´s U of A and Boise State in the fiesta bowl. That will be a lot of fun since here in my zone we have Elder Ah You from Boise and went to Boise State before the mission. Mom, im sorry about the family not being there when you passed by on Sunday. It is so frustrating, and it unfortanetly happens all too often. Through my mission i have seen that the best way for somebody to realize the importance and blessing of the gospel is to have them feel the spirit through our testimonies. Our personal testimonies are the greatest tools that we have, and we must use them. That is until they are able to have their own personal experiences.
    So this past Saturday we were able to have our White Christmas!!! Darío Gomez was baptized and the process truly was a miracle. This whole time we had been teaching him, I had been a little nervous about him getting baptised because he never really showed signs of recieving a testimony and he didnt really have a real desire to get baptised. I was just hoping it would come with time and the rest of the lessons leading up to his baptism. But then a week before his baptism we taught him about the law of the fast. And this was while he was having dificulties with quiting smoking. So after teaching him about that he asked us if we could all fast together. So we fasted together that sunday and from that he told us about the extra strength he felt the week leading up to his baptism to not smoking. Also he felt impressed to read the book of mormon and pray everyday that week, which he hadnt really done before. We were able to have a good talk with him on Friday, the day before his baptism, and he told us about all the experienes that he had had that week, including recieving an answer to his prayers and finding his own personal testimony. It truly was amazing to see and be a part of that change in him. He is now working towards recieveing the priesthood and even maybe serving a mission one day!
      We also had a great week with Cristian. It has been tough these last 2 weeks to find him in the house, but on friday we felt very strongly that we needed to pass by that morning. So we headed on over and there he was in front of his house. So we got inside and had a great lesson with him. But come Saturday night we got a call from his Mom saying that Cristian had turned back to his old ways and had left that night with his friends. We were pretty sad about that and ended up not passing by for him like we had originally planned to bring him to church. Then 10 minutes before church started we got a call from Cristian saying ´´hey where are you guys, im here waiting!´´, so we drove over real quick with a member and brought him and his little brother to church with us. Lets just say he really stuck out haha, but he loved it there and felt great. That was a huge lesson learned personally for me. I was too busy judging Cristian to worry about what I could truly do to help him. It doenst matter what he has done, when Sunday arrives, he needs to be there in church with us. This is a gospel of change and thanks to our Savior and the process of repentace, there is always room to change no matte what we have done or what we are doing!!
     Vanessa is also doing well. We were able to meet with her this past week, but we have now come to a road block with her. We have passed by for her these last 2 weeks, but she hasnt been there both times. She is a great lady and has the desires to change and get baptised, she just needs to take these certain steps of preperation to get to that point! Oh, and we still havent been able to go to Quines, Familia Coco are still having some health problems, but I really hope to go this week since transfers are next week and there is a chance I could be going! But everything is great here in Pringles. Burning hot, but great! Oh one other thing. We need to set up a time to skype on Christmas day. I believe it is a 4 hours diference. So just let me know! Maybe at about 2:00 here which would be 10:00 there. But I can do later or earlier. Just let me know!!!! Love you all so much and have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

1. This is Leo Montoya. I knew him  very well when I served in Alvear and then he moved here to live with his brother, so Iv gotten really close to him. But last week he left on his mission to Colombia. What a stud!
2. We got to do some service on saturday, working on the house of one the members here. Way fun!!

Monday, December 1, 2014


   Holy Cow, December is already here!! But it sounds like Thanksgiving was pretty incredible. I just sat here for a good 10 minutes staring at the food on the table. It looked so good haha! But my thanksgiving was great here. Lets see, oh we had weekly planning and some good lessons. Yahoo!! haha. Jordy and Naes, way to go with the bball!! And Tan, good luck with your game!! Tawa, Levi sounds like such a stud haha! And holy cow, i couldnt get over that picture of Beau. She just gets cuter and cuter. Im excited to see these kids!  And a cherry on top for a great week, U of A beat ASU and is now going to the Pack 12 championship game. Oh yea!!! Oh and Jess, I heard from one of my comps who is now home that he saw you on news. Something about you losing your wallet and all your tuition money. What are you doing carrying that much money for anyways haha. But im glad you found it alright! Mom, so a little more details about Quines. It isnt my new area, we will be traveling out there like 1 a week to begin working out there. We still have time to work with our other investigators here in Pringles. We havent been able to go yet because of some health issues of Hermano and Hermana Coco, but we should be going this week!
   So first of all im sorry. I dont have a lot of time to write since we have to travel to Mendoza this afternoon. Tomorrow we have our leadership meeting with Presidente Goates. But things are going well here in Pringles and we really had a great week. In the end, we werent able to have the baptism of Darío on Saturday. It has been a little difficult for him to quit smoking. But he hasnt smoked now for 4 days and is going strong. So I believe that we should be having the baptism this saturday. It has been a little difficult to meet with Cristion because of his work schedule this past week. But he is still going strong. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he told us ´´so it is kind of a like a guide for us then?´´, that is exaclty what it is ´´oh, in that case im going to read it every day!!´´. He wasnt able to come to church yesterday because of work, but he still has all of his desires to change. So dont worry Mom, it is perfectly safe for us. The Lord protects His servants and we arent going to do anything dumb things that will put us in danger. This week we also were able to find some way awesome new investigators. One of them is Vanessa Romero. She was a reference from  a house that we knocked. They told us ´´that family over there needs some help´´. So we stopped by, Vanessa answered the door and she got so excited as soon as she saw us. She told us about other Elders were passing by there house and teaching her about 3 years ago. She really liked what they were teaching and she even went to church a few times with them. But one day they stopped passing by for her. But she let us in and we had a great restauration lesson with her (she remembered everything so it was easy to teach her haha) and in the end she accepted a baptismal date for the 27 of this month! She really is a great lady with 2 young cute little kids!
   Once again, sorry for not having much time. Thank you all so much for your love and support. It still amazes me how amazing you all are. I love you and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9