Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello from Zion!!

Hello everybody!
       Sounds like a crazy week for everybody. Shad and Clay looked so cute for their blessings. I got to participate in a baby blessing 2 weeks ago. The mom just barely came back to church so her son was about 2 years old. But she got permission to still do it. He was the cutest little kid in his white suit and sitting all proud on the chair with all the attention on him!! Amy, how is your arm doing? Do you have a cast yet? Nooo, my poor Chico!! No more running, working, cuddle, and golf cart riding buddy. But he is up waiting for us! Dev and Teddi, Im looking forward to this new baby. Keep me updated! Ty is talking so much!!! That is so crazy! Will i get to talk to  him at all when we skype for Mothers day? Jess, you are in Wells now!!! And your comp is from Bolivia. Close to my kneck of the woods. We have a lot of Bolivians here in my area and there was even more in my first area of Rodeo del medio. Tell her ´´hola´´ for me! And im sorry you didnt have hot water for so long. If it makes you feel better I havent had hot water in my last 2 areas haha. So the only hot shower I have had in the last six months has been out of a bucket haha. But its still hot enough that I dont always want one. But its slowly cooling off luckily. Mom, the birthday cake turned out pretty well and they loved it, but the changed the little celebration to today. So we are stopping by real quick tonight for that! Dad, tara sent me a picture of you laying on the couch with the boys!! You are such a natural and awesome Grandpa!
    Well, this first was a little difficult but ended awesome!! We went last Wednesday with Leandro and Malena to take out their turn and date for marriage. But when we got there the lady said they have to come with Malenas parents because she is only 16 (yes only 16 and they have 2 kids together. But they want to change and have an eternal family. They are so awesome). But the thing is Malenas parents didnt want them to get married. So we went over last night and taught the law of chastity to all of them. It was so amazing through. At one point we were having the mom of Malena, named Veronica, reading out of the pamphlet and she just stopped in the middle and says ´´wow, I understand now´´. And later said ´´if God wants them to get married, then so do I´´. So humbling to see them actually change right in front of us. So tomorrow morning we all going together to take out a date for the wedding. We dont know exactly when, but we are thinking we will have her baptism and everything ready for that by the 29 of this month!! I just love that family!!
       The Familia Paez, is doing pretty well. Except there is a problem with one of there kids named Brian. We are planning on having the baptism for the 3 kids the 22 of this month, so that will be a lot of fun! They are a crazy but such an awesome family!
     Well, this week Elder Christensen got pretty sick, so we were stuck in the pench for about 2 days. I really enjoyed it at first. I had a lot of time to study and I learned so much. We have like 6 General Conference issues of the Liahona, so I was studying those for a while. It was way awesome and strengthened my testimony so much of Christ, temples, and so many other topics. But, after 2 days I was was just dying to get outside and work. I dont know how you were able to do it for so long Jess!
    This week should be amazing. Thursday we have Zone Conference at the offices (mail time!!!) with Presidente Ávila which is always a good time and this weekend is Stake Conference for the Guaymallén Stake. And Elder Nuñez of the 70 is coming. So we are going to be working super hard to get investigators come with us to hear such a powerful speaker like Elder Nuñez.
    Well Im so glad everybod is doing well and I hope you all continue with an amazing week! I look forward to hearing from you next week. I love you all so much!

Elder Wengert-W9

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