Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello from good ol Rodeo!
    Sounds like an interesting and Crazy week for the Wengert Family. But hey, I dont think normal weeks exist for us. No, not my Chico. I will be praying for him for sure. Mans best friend!! And Amy, im so sorry about your arm. that stupid curb should have gotten out of your way!! Ím still trying to picture Dan dancing at the house, its a little difficult for me. He sounds so different than before haha. Im glad all of the sicknesses are starting to go away. Thats never any fun! Tan Man, you be looking like a capo (stud) in your contacts. Now you will be killing it even more in sports!! Jordy and Naes, how is softball going? When do games start? Dad, i would love some of your pollo asado tacos right now (nice job putting a little bit of spanish in there haha). Im glad to hear U of A is doing so good!! Im excited to hear how they do in the NCAA tournament! I was able to see a picture of the Gilbert Temple this past week. It is so big and bautiful. I will have to go there when I get back. The church just continues to grow in Arizona! Kole gets married on Thursday?! That is way crazy haha. Where at, I need some pictures please! 
    Well, the miracles just keep coming here in Rodeo de la Cruz! The Familia Paez is doing awesome. They went to FHE with the ward last week and to church yesterday. The ward has been so good to them. The Elders Quorum President, Hermano Aban, came and helped us with there roof and then other members got some clothes together for the childeren. We should be having there baptisms for the four youngest kids on the 15th! All the rest of the  older kids and them mom are already members but are coming back to church. Later today for pday we are getting together with them to play fútbal and it´s Julianas birthday today (the 11 year old daughter). Yes, Elder Christensen and I baked a cake and are taking it over to them. It should be way fun. 
    I dont know if I ever told you about Leandro and Malena. Leandro is a member but his family went inactive when he was 9. But last transfer he just showed at the church one Sunday and said he wanted to change his life around and come back to church. So he came to church with us and loved it. The next week he came again with his girlfriend, Malena. They have been coming to church ever since. We are now teaching Malena and she wants to be baptised si o si! So this week we are going with them to take out their ´´turn´´ or a date for their wedding. They are such an awesome couple!!
   Also this past week, a guy named Gustavo stopped us on the street and said that he listened to the missionaries a while back and was going to get baptised, but then something happened and he had to leave to Chile. But he told us that he is now back and wants us to come by his house. So we have an appoitment set with him this week!!
    Well, im sorry this is such a short one this time. Its another one of those dang holdays today and we had to go to another area to find a internet cafe open to use. But I love you all so much and am so grateful for everything you do for me. you are helping change lives here in Argentina. Have a great week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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