Monday, March 2, 2015

Here it is!!!

  Well, i guess here it is. The last time writing home! Im not really even sure what I should feel like. Elder Hernandez asks me every day how I feel and every time I dont know how to answer. I feel like the only thing I can say is ´´a little bit of everything´´. I feel like im back home once again during the week before entering the MTC thinking to myself ´´how can I do this. Leave my home and the people I love?´´. But this time I feel like it´s a little more difficult since I dont know when or if I will be able to return one day. Of course there is excitement in there too. Excitement to see those that mean the world to me. And then throw in a little bit of the butterflies to go with it. And now you have it, there is Elder Wengert for you haha. But I know the Lord has everything planned out and knows what is best for me. 
   Im glad to see you all had a good week and were able to celebrate a bit for Tans birthday. Jordy im looking forward to watching some of your softball games. And Naes, we need to do some track workouts together to get me back into shape. I can walk hundreds of miles without any problems, but when it comes to running maybe ill make a mile (unless I have a Dogo chasing me from behind haha). 
   Well this was by far the best week we have had here in Retiro. Truly a week full of miracles. We got to meet a few times with Betty this week and work on slowly chipping away at her doubt of the Difunta Correa (I believe I told you last week, but she is a catholic saint here in Argentina). By our last visit we chipped enough of that doubt away that she understood the importance of baptism  and accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of March. She is now super excited for that day and is progessing well. We also got to work a lot with Hermana Ricardo and his son Eliam. In one of the lessons Hermano Ricardo said such a simple but powerful prayer that anybody could have felt the spirit there. It was truly incredible and led up to his son, Eliam, accepting a baptismal date for the also the 28 of this month. Then the last miracle happened yesterday. In my whole mission i have always had the goal to leave everyway one of my areas better than when i found it. In every aspect. So when I got here to Retiro I set a personal goal to work in such a manner that the total ward assistance will increase from about 75 to 100. We got to work teaching inactives, the members, and of course working with the investigators. After a little time that number began to slowly go up and now all that work has payed off when yesterday we had exactly 100 asistances. What a great feeling to complete with that goal.
  I want to thank all of you for everything you have done for me these past two years. The mission is not easy at all, but when somebody has the love and support that I have had, it is so much easier to keep working hard. My mission has been an incredible time of personal growth and learning and truly has become the North Star of my life. When one can learn to truly love others, even when they dont quite love you back, that is when the miracles begin. It is sad to see the mission coming to an end but the Lord blesses His servants and for this I know He has great things in store. I love you all so much and look forward to seeing you next week!! (keep an eye out for me on the TV monitor at the airport!!)

Elder Derek Wengert - W9 forever!!!
Misión Argentina Mendoza
´´Alcanzando lo más alto´´ 

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