Monday, October 28, 2013

Holy Cow!!

Hello everybody,
     Seriously, what is wrong with our families! We just need to stop all interaction woth cars ok haha! But Jess, I cant express how happy and relieved I am to hear that you are ok! The Lord truly watches over his servants! Oh my goodness, I am so sad to hear about the loss of the Nogalas family. That must be so difficult for all of them. Please send them my love! But I do love hearing about all of the mission calls. It´s so exciting! Tabitha to Ecuador!! And even crazier, Evan Boyack to the same mission as his brother, that is seriously so awesome!!!
    Because of transfers I was able to travel down to the offices. So dad I met Hermana Sanford. She is a great missionary and is going to add alot to the mission. I beleive she is serving in San Luis, one of the providences here. Also, Elder JAce Webster got here as well, so I got to see him as well. That was so great! While I was there I got a few letters. First, thank you so much Brother and Sister Houston for the letter, I loved it. Send Kyle my wishes that his shoulder will heal up well with no more complications! And then the other were letters from Jordy, Naes, and Tan Man!! Thank you for the pictures as well mom. Jordan and Janane, what happened to you two? You are now beatiful young woman and not the little girls I leaft haha. And Tan, you look older than some of the missionaries here haha!
     Well now with the transfer information. I recieved a scary phonecall about it form the Zone Leaders. They told me that I was staying here in Alvear. But they asked me who I thought my companion was, and I said that I had no idea. And then the scary news came. ´´Elder Wengert, we dont know either, because you are training´´!!!! Holy Cow, how crazy is that! So thats why I had to go to the Mendoza, to pick up my son haha! It´s Elder Evans from Ogden Utah. He is one of the 18 year olds and is a stud. He isnt brand new though. He served for two transfers in Detroit waiting for his visa! So I am a little nervous, but way excited for this transfer! Dad, to answer your question, no I am not fluent yet haha. But my spanish is not bad at all. I am able to understand pretty well and talk with everyone! But for sure not fluent yet haha!
    Haha so last week was our comps saying goodbye to people (oh yea, Elder Flores got transfered to San Juan), so I was working with my district leader Elder Smith a lot this week. But we were in the campo of his area and we went to visit one of his investigators. So we entered the front yard and this dog comes around the corner full speed and just takes out Elder Smith haha. But it was just wanting to play as was licking his face and everything, but it was hilarious to watch. But then we went and passed into their hous, and in the middle of the floor is the biggest rabbit I have ever seen, probably as big the dog from earlier haha. But seriously, I think it might have been the easter bunny or something because of how big it was!
     Well I am excited to get going with this work and work hard. Dont worry, I will be careful, and it also helps having the Lord with us every day! Mom, sounds like seminary is a little tough, but if anybody can do it, you can!! If you ever need any help with it just let me know and I will see what I can do! I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, October 21, 2013

1. Not really sure, found these in the church haha!
2. Elder Flores, Elder Smith, and I
3. The District

Miracles Happen? You better believe it!!

Is it really the end of another transfer?!!

Hello from Argentina,
      First of all, Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!! No, im not crazy and the heat here is not getting to me! Here in Argentina Mothers Day was yesterday haha! So you got to spend it in California with you family and most important mom, with Grandma Allen. But sounds like everything else is going great at home!! Jordan and Janae, why were you starving? There is so many things you could have made at home! That is one thing I have learned being out. At home I always thought we never had anything to eat when I was home alone. But in reality we had 10x as much food as I have in fridge right now and I could have cooked so many different things. But its ok, I was the same way haha! Sounded like the cattle drive was way fun. Man, what I would do for a big boul of chile right now. Argentines are kind of wimps and cant handle anything spicy haha. And I have been desiring to ride a horse lately since we have seen a lot of gouches (argentine cowboys) riding around in the campo. But there saddles dont look very comfy and are kind of pathetic haha. But Im still jealous of all of you who went on the cattle drive. Mom, sounds like it was a good time in California as well. Kimberly, it sure is a privelage to have the name of Christ over our hearts every day here in the mission field. Having the oppurtunity to share what we know to be true and sharing the miracle of the gospel of Jesucristo. Oh Jess, I recieved your letter this week. I am putting your letter in the mail tody. So be expecting a letter in the next few weeks. Thank you so much, but no making fun of my english. Its tough when you speak spanish 24/7 and trying to transition over to english again. i am always forgetting words in english its stuff. Its pretty sad haha!
      Well this week was really good, but also a little tough as well because Elder Flores had to go to Mendoza for Visa things. But I stayed here and worked with the Elders who work in the other side of Alvear. So we kind of switched around working in my area and in their area as well. But we got to work some more with Patricia this week. She continues working on the paper work for marriage, and in that process trying to get her husband to agree for marriage. But she is just an amazing woman. She continues attending church with her 3 daughters who 2 of them are baptized (the 3rd isnt old enough yet), and she is just patiently waiting for her husband to come along.
      We werent able to meet with Carlos and Maria Chavero this week because of how much they both work. But Mom, one of thier daughters who is 9 now was baptized when she was 8. And Maria even attended that baptism. She we just need to really continue working with them and get them excited about the blessing that come from living the gospel of Jesus Christ!
      So we had a wonderful baptism yesterday! Unfortanetly it wasnt ours but the wards. One of the 8 year old girls in the ward. They asked me to play the paino for the baptism. But it was so great! I dont think I have ever seen a little girl so excited to get baptism. She was just skipping around and singing in her little white dress. It is always a privelage to be part of any baptism. Of course its a little more special when its for one of your investigators, but every baptism is so great and such a powerful spirt present.
     So unlike England, it doesnt rain much, but when it does it comes down hard. Its literally crazy storms. And Im not really sure why, but it rained 4 of the 7 days this week. One of the times was when I was with the District Leader, Elder Smith, in my pench. We were just getting ready to leave when the storm hit. So we looked all around the pench and finally found an unmbrella. But it was the umbrella of Elder Flores who was in Mendoza at the offices. So we just took it because it was raining way hard. So we leaft the pench and walked like 20 sharing the umbrella when the wind snapped it in half and toar the plastic covering off haha. But its crazy because before the mission I would have been like , are you kidding me! I have to walk in this dumb rain. But now we were just like Ya fue (like oh well, or it went). We just kept walking and singing hymns haha. But by the time we reached his pench we were so wet haha! Literally like we jumped into a pool. it was the closest that I could to swimming here on the mission haha. But an interesting experience for sure haha!
     So yes, another transfer has ended, but this transfer we are getting over 30 new missionaries here in the mission, and only 10 went home and the end of this one. So President is having to open new areas and find a bunch of new apartments. So because of all of this, we arent finding out transfers and all of the information for next transfer until tomorrow, and changes arent being made until this Friday. Its a crazy but such an exciting time to be part of this work. Well, I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you do. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Week!!!!!

Hello everybody!!!
    Sorry I dont have too much time today. Argentina has so many holidays for the most random days. They are basically just an excuse not to work. But it took us forever to find a place to that was open and we could use to email. But the computers here are probably from the 80´s or something haha. Super slow! But its all good. Sounded like a great week for everybody!! And the kids got the wonderful job of cleaning the ditch haha! Lucky them! But I honestly miss that. Seriously. But sorry dad, there is no way I´m touching the ditch/asakias here to clean them. They are beyond disgusting haha! So Dallin got to go and play basketball at Red Rock, those we were good days. But still not as good as here haha! But I havent gotten to play basketball since Iv been here in Argentina, so I will be pretty rusty when I get home. But if you want to play soccer, call me Messi and bring it on haha! So Dallin and Amy got to share a little bit of the gospel with Slimy Steve huh? That is awesome. Now you just need to send the missionaries to his house! Or maybe the missionaries there in Phoenix can fake an injury or something so that they have a reason to go to the hospital to see him!! Oh Mom, an Elder from my District came back from the offices this week from doing visa stuff, but he brought me my ´´Miracles Happen´´ tshirt. Thank you so much. I love it! I will send a picture next week when I can use a computer who has that ability haha! Dad, so another missionary from Tucson is joining me. That will be nice!! I will keep an eye out for her!
      Oh my goodness, the miracles just keep poaring in for Dallin and Amy. And for all of us! I love seeing how the Lord is watching out for us. And for little clay as well haha!!
     Man, Riley Heflin. What a guy. He is seriously so great. Truly an example for all of us! And I remember him having the AC seperation right after mine. My havent given me too much problems. Somethimes a little soar in the morning. But nothing much!
      So this week has been super frustrating, but so rewarding as well!! First we found a new investigator that looks so promising. She is married and has 4 kids. Her husband is less active. But we set goals with both of them, Maria and Carlos Chavero. A baptismal date with Maria and a goal with Carlos to get reactivated so that he can baptise his wife. They couldnt go to church yesterday becaue they had to go to Mendoza. But they are so awesome! Then we have been having a lot of success with other less actives as well. We had 5 less actives come to church yesterday, and it was awesome. But of course there are so many more here in Alvear that need some work haha!
       But like I said, this week was so frustrating as well. We had a lesson with Patricia this week. And her husband refused to come out of his room and see us. Then Patricia told us that her husband is refusing to get married. And to make matters worse, she didnt come to church yesterday, the first time in like the last 2 months. We dont know the reason because we havent been able to see her since. But its alright. We just need to keep woring hard with her, praying more, and keep the faith!
       And then things are a little difficult with Antonia as well. We talked with the President of the branch here and he doesnt want her to get baptised until she attends all of church and gets to know more members. But she hasnt been to church in the last 3 weeks. We pass by before church and she keeps having some reason of why she cant come. So we keep having to change her fecha. But it´s alright, again. Its kind of the same as Patricia. With the Lord we can do anything!
       Well I´m off to play some futbal with the District and to make some Horchata with Elder Flores (one of the blessings of having a comp. from Mexico haha). Have a great week and I look forward to haring from all of you next week. I love you all!!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Service Project!

1. Here is the mission logo finally Mom haha.
2. Maximus and I haha!

What a week!

    Wow what a week, seriously!! Conference was seriously so great! There was us three gringo Elders in another room watching it in English on a little TV. But the connection was pretty bad, so it was a little fuzzy, but all good. We got to watch all of the sessions, even though the priesthood session didnt start until 9 here. But President Avila gave all of us Elders permission to stay out a little bit longer. I loved the talk by Elder Funk of the 70 because he shared the story of the missionary from Napol. If you remember back when I was serving in New Hampshire, about 80% of our investigators were from Napol and we baptised Prakash Rasaily from Napol as well. It is difficult for all of the members from Napol because they dont even have the Book of Mormon translated in their native language. Some of them know a little bit of Hindue and can read a little bit from the scriptures in that language. But I llearned to love that people so much. They are the most humble and loving people I have ever met! I also loved the talk of President Uchtdorf about the less actives and how he said if a hypocrite is someone who doesnt perfectly follow what we believe, we are all hyprocrites. Then lastly the talk by President Monson about his wife. He is such a loving man and truly a prophet of God. I loved when he said about his wife ´´she was truly an angel of god´´. My goal for now is to have that same love for the people here in Argentina.
       Well this past week on Friday we did a lot service. We went from one service project to another, adn them to another haha! One was for a less active family in the branch, Familia Bravo. But we cleaned this huge pile of trash, rubbish, and basura haha. But it was pretty grose. This pile has been building up for at least the past 15 years. And part of it was even a car! So us four missionaries (Elder Flores from Mexico, Elder Smith from Mesa, Elder Vientemilla from Spain, and I) had to flip this car around and role it about 50 yards to the back of the yard. The car was pretty rusted and old so a lot of the wieght had long fallen off, put dont get me wrong. This thing was pretty hard still. I felt I was back in football season flipping the tires haha. But it was fun as well. And then they had this huge pile of wine bottles that they said they were planning on recylcing, but that will probably be building up for the next 10 years as well haha! But I seriously love doing service. A chance to get out of the proselyting clothes and get a little dirty haha!
      Well a family emergency happened this week keeping Patricia from finishing the paperwork and getting married this week. And the papers are taking usual as planned, so it may be a couple of weeks until she ends of getting married. But Patricia did attend General Conference yesterday with her 3 daughters. She absolutely loved it and it was huge for her. She is literally a golden investigator. She is more than prepared for baptism, we just need to get her married.
      I hope you all have an amazing week. Continue studying the teachings from conference, and more importantly live them each and every day. I love you all so very much and are so grateful for you all. I look forward to your emails next week. love you!!

Elder Derek Wengert-W9