Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elder Wengert

Hello family,
     So as you can tell my p-days are on Thursdays, so this is when I'll be emailing until I leave the MTC. Thank you so much everyone for the letters and packages. I really understand now how people would say how they really look forward to recieving mail. Well I am loving it here at the MTC and it really is an amazing place. For a while I was in a three-some with Elder Means from Orem and Elder Varney from Spanish Fork. But friday Elder Means was having some pretty severe back pains triggered from a back surgery he had about a year ago. But friday night at about 10 he was laying down in bed and he lost all feeling and movement of his legs. So we called the front office and they sent some people to look at him. We ended up going to the ER that night and didn't back to the MTC until like 3 that night. Luckily my Branch President let us sleep in a little bit that morning. But they just injected Elder Means with some steroids to see if that would help, but monday he got sent home on medical release to get another surgery. So that was too bad. So it's just me and Elder Varney. Elder Varney is great though. We are pretty similar. We both love sports and all of that good stuff haha! But on the bright side of that Elder Varney and I have the whole dorm to ourself and so much room. Its so nice haha! My District is so great and we really have gotten so close already. I actually was called as District Leader, so that is actually an amazing oppurtunity. A little extra work, but it really has made me learn to love my District a lot more. My spanish is coming along pretty well actually, thanks to my teacer Hermano Woodhouse. He is such a great guy who served his mission in Mexico. Im able to bear testimony, pray, and we have already have taught 4 lessons to a man named Hector. He isnt actually a real invesitgator, but it feels really well. Elder Varney and I have really been able to work well with each other throught these lessons. Of course our spanish isnt perfect, and there are times where we sit there trying to figure out how to word a certain sentence through a awkward silence, but through our broken spanish the spirit has really been present and we have been able to get our message across. Im able to see Jessie pretty often actually. At least once a day, so that is way nice to see her. And I was able to see Teddi over the weekend which was way awesome. Um right now it is crazy getting visas. Argentina hasnt even assigned one this year. Missionaries are getting reassigned to wait for theres left and right. But we meet with the consulit next week on wednesday. So the outcome is looking a lot better for my district and I than other missionaries. Jordan way to go with softball. Its always a great week when you beat Mt. view and ironwood in the same week haha! Naes come on, of course you made the volleyball team, how could they not pick my Nae Nae. When do your games start? And Tanno Man!! Good job with baseball bud. Sounds like your basically Randy Johnson out there on the mound haha. Well Easter sunday was an amazing experience. We had sacrament meeting as the whole mtc. So picture the sacrament getting passed to over 3,000 missionaries. They had to have like 30 missionaries or so passing. It was way cool to watch. There was a rumor that Jeffrey R. Holland was going to speak, or maybe even Presidnet Monson himself, but we acually Bishop Causse, the presiding bishop. He didnt an amazing job. Its funny, everybody was bummed when they found out it was Elder Holland speaking, but by the end of the talk by Bishop Causee you could see how everyones attitude was totally different. I had a pretty cool experience that Easter Sunday too. We had just gotten done with dinner and we were heading back to the class when there was a family that walked by with their childeren. One of them was a little boy that was maybe 8 years old. But he kind of puffed up his chest and walked over to and shook my hand. He said "Elder, I'm a future missionary, just like you". I just loved how this little boy already had it set in his mind that he was going on a mission. It just really shows what the Lord ment when he said you need to humble yourself like a little child. Well with today being p-day I got to go to the temple this morning and do a session with my district at 9. But at 8 we went and ate breakfast at the temple cafeteria and it was seriously sooo god haha!! Well I have been here for one week and it is just crazy how much my testimony has grown. Oh the blessings of serving the Lord. Well I hop you all have an amazing week and I will hear from you on Thursday. The church is true. Learn it, Live it, Love it!!
Elder Wengert-W9
P.S. Oh and mom, could you forwad this to everyone that would like it, I dont have very many emails of people. Thank you so much, I love you!!

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