Monday, February 24, 2014


1. Yes, on top of one of the houses we patched with the ladder that we built haha!
2. Cutting the hair of Pablo!

The best days of my life!!!

   Holy cow, another week has flown by!! Its already almost March and we just ended another transfer here in Rodeo. Elder Christensen and I are both staying. So we are excited to continue to work here in Zion. Everything is great at home!! Tan Man, you are 12 now. Goodbye primary. You are now a big bad deacon. Oh yea!! When will you have the chance to go to the temple? Your party sounded awesome! We will have to have a little paint ball war when I get back. So you better be practicing. Jordy, who asked you to prom? Is there enough room for one more? haha. Sounds like softball is going good for you Jordy and Naes. When do games start up? Dad, there is no sangria here. I really wish! But we have like 6 mexicans in the zone. So we are going to get together one day for p-day this transfer to make tacos and horchata!! Teddi, I loved your email. And yes, I feel Argentine at times. It just seems wierd now how back at home you can actually go to the store at 4 in the afternoon or sitting inside with air conditioning. Keep an eye on Dev for me haha! Oh momma, I actually got 3 packages last week. Oh yea!! So Aunt Lisa, thank you so much for the Hollaween package. At times I forget how great American candy is. And your packages always come at the right time. My last razor blade was just going dull. Dally Boy, you were my secret sib. Thank you so much for the present. It was perfect! Im just full of Wildcat stuff to rep now. Its awesome! And then Momma, I got my other christmas package as well. Thank you so much. I get spoiled here! Oh Jordy, I got a letter from one of your friends named Tory. Thank her for me. Mail of anykind is so wonderful! 
    Well this week was full of service. From all of the rain last week we worked quite a bit patching up roofs (yes houses here are very poorly built). We even had to build our ladder to use to clinb up. But it was way fun!! I love getting out of the proselyting clothes and getting dirty at times! 
   Mom, we were not able to get in with Gabriel last week. Even as a 10 year old, he works quite a bit to help his family. But we have a cita with him tonight that we are looking forward to! But this week we worked a lot with a family called familia Paez. The missionaries worked with them in the past but couldnt get them to progress and keep commitments. The mom is a member, inactive, but has 3 children that want to get baptized. But we were able to pass by for them before church and the mom and the 3 kids (Hector, Juliana, and Xixia) all came to church with us. They are a great family but working a lot in the fields. They are way poor. There is about 15 of them living together in the one room house about the size of the living room. Its kind of sad, but they are such a happy and humble family. 
    Pablo and Bryan are doing great still! They talked to Bishop last sunday about preparing to recieve the priesthood. Bryan is excited to baptize his brother Gabriel and Pablo is hoping that his Mom will recieve the gospel so that he can baptize her as well!! They are just studs! We even got to cut Pablos hair and get rid of his wierd rat tail thing haha. Next is getting rid of their facial piercings (there is a lot of wierd haircuts and piercings here). But bishop told them they need to take them out to get the priesthood.
    Jess, sounds like your area is starting to boom!! 7 on baptismal dates. Sounds like your mission spreads on over to Asia and Africa as well. That is so cool. Keep up the good work sis. I want pictures of these baptisms. Oh and yes, I may be a little jealous that you got to visit batmans mansion. Pretty dang awesome!
    Well im sorry this one is little shorter but we have to get going. Thank you all for everything. I couldnt ask for a better family. Seriously! I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, February 17, 2014

¡Viva Boca!

So here in Argentina soccer is huge. And the two biggest and more popular teams are Boca and River. Basically you have to pick one of the teams that your a fan of because everybody is always asking us. So Im from boca. This is Elder Christensen, Elder Marsh and I in our Boca jerseys!

¡¡Los bautismos!!

1.All the family of Pablo and Bryan and us
2. Me, Pablo, Bryan, and Elder Christensen
2.Gonzalo Quiroga with us. (the baptism last weekend on the 8th)

Miracles all over the World!!

    Sounds like everybody is doing great. Naes, way go making it on varsity softball. The Wengert Duo killing it in softball as well!! Jordy, you still reping that 2? Tan Man, happy birthday tomorrow. Your already 12, thats so crazy. Hope your party is super fun and you have a great time going to the temple! Dad, I loved your dog enalagy. If only all the dogs here were that excited to see us missionaries. And it doesnt help that they are everywhere. But luckily I havent been bitten yet!! Dally Boy, you are now back at Logan! Way to go man, Im proud of you!
      Well this week was kind of an interesting change. It cooled off quite a bit because it was raining for 4 days straight (which doesnt happen very often here). But it got pretty crazy. We leaft a house of an innactive family Saturday afternoon, and everything was so flooded. The asakias (Argentines ditch/garbage/sewage system) overflowed all into the streets and everywhere. We had another cita we had to get to that was a 40 minute walk away and no buses go out that way. So we walked all the way over there literally in water almost to our knees (Im not exagerating one bit haha). By the end of the night we were soaking wet. I still have clothes and my shoes drying out!! But it was a nice little change form the heat. We didnt even have to sleep with the fan and our frozen water bottles! But the heat has returned, but its not quite as bad. I think its going to start cooling off a little now!
      Another nice thing about this time of year right now is that it´s grape season. Which means all of the vineyards are full of delicous grapes. We love when we are out in the campo working and walking down the dirt roads next to the vineyards. We stop every once in a while and have a nice little snack. It´s so awesome!!
     Now for the great news. We had an awsome baptism Saturday with Pablo and Bryan. We worked so much with them last week where they totally quit drinking and smoking. They were so excited for their baptism. I got to baptise Bryan and give the talk on baptism, and Elder Christensen baptised Pablo and gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome day. But the biggest miracle of it all was how all of the familys of both Pablo and Bryan came to the baptism. Afterwords the little 10 year old brother of Bryan, named Gabriel, was so excited and came up to us with his Mom and telling us about how he wants to get baptised now. So we have a cita with Gabriel tonight and Bryan is now preparing to recieve the priesthood so he can baptise Gabriel. I love seeing the gospel change and bless families like this. 
     Also I recieved news of another miracle here in the mission. Leticia Quiroga, my investigator that Elder Evans and I were teaching back in Alvear, got baptised this past weekend as well. There are seriously miracles happening all over the world. At home, here in Argentina, and in England with Jess and her investigators. This truly is the work of the Lord and he guides us servants to those prepared for the gospel.
     Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week.

Elder Wengert-W9

PS- Momma, I recieved news that I have a package in the office waiting for me. Thank you so much. I will get it Friday since we have interviews with Presidente Ávila then!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Say ¡Bienvenidos a Gonzalo Quiroga!

Hello everybody,
    I dont even know where to start. Seriously, like I said last time, every week just gets better and better. Sounds like everybody is doing great there as well. Dallin and Amy are going back to Logan. That is so awesome and exciting!! Tan Man, you got a black eye in basketball. Nice! But dont worry, the girls like black eyes haha! Jordan got asked to Prom? Thats crazy, you cant go to prom!! Wait until your senior prom and ill be your date. I dont trust those other boys with my little sister haha. Dad, I have no idea where the closest Costco is. But we actually have a Walmart in our zone. The only one in all of Mendoza. But it´s in the Hermanas area which is kind of far, so I havent been able to go. And also dad and asado isnt at all like your mexican chicken. They dont really use seasonings here. They just cook the chicken or carne on a little metal grill over hot coals. But they cover the carne and chicken in salt. Its a different kind of taste, but pretty good. But the thing is you have to do it right or it doesnt turn out very good. So I need to find the best to learn from him!! Sounds like U of A has picked up the slack from losing Brandon Ashley. What a bummer!! But they sure are going to make some noise in March Madness!! I didnt know that the 2 other Elder Wengerts, Sky and Easton were made District Leaders as well. That is so awesome!! Representing!! Eastons email sounds a lot like here. We have the rich parts of the area and the poor. Houses from super big nice houses with the nice cars to the houses made from sticks and plastic covering weaving in and out of the sticks to help keep the wind out. Its kind of sad!! 
     Well, we had Gonzalos baptism and it was so awesome!! I love that kid. He reminds me of a boy version of Janae. Such a sweet and quite kid. His faces just lights up when he see us missionaries. Elder Christensen got to baptize him and I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. I was so happy for Elder Christensen. It was his first time doing the actual baptismal ordinance. Truly a special experience.
   This week was just full of other miracles as well. Pablo and Bryan are both doing great at quiting smoking and are both looking really good for their baptismal date for this Saturday. Leandro and Malena both came to church again yesterday and we went to their house last night and taught them along with Malenas mom and little sister. Malena is progressing nicely. She, and along with her mom and sister, commited to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. Also Leandro and Malena committed to getting married. So that should be happening pretty soon.
    But I think the biggest miracle of the week happened yesterday. A while back missionaries were teaching two sisters named Melisa and Monica and their boyfriends. They all wanted to get baptised but had to get married. But they kind of disapeared. Well yesterday we walk into the chapel and sitting in the back was Melisa, Carlos (her boyfriend), and Melisas Mom also named Monica. But they asked us to go by last night and bless Monicas baby that she just had 4 days ago. (The baby is fine dont worry haha). So we went by and were able to bless little baby Emma. The cutest little girl. But we were able to talk to the mom quite a bit as well. She told us how they went back to chile, where they are from, for a little bit. There, the moms youngest daughter was baptised into the church and she attended church a few times with her daughter. She told us that she felt so special went she entered the church building, that she loves how loving the members are, and that she knows the church is true and wants to get baptized. I about jumped onto the temple to do some kind of celebration dance. But I kept my cool. She may be living with a man that she isnt married to, so we need to teach a few things to her and prepare a little bit more. But she has the want and desire which is important. The Lords hand is truly in this work with us. He is just working through us instruments. What a privilege!!
    Well, im just out of time and we need to head out to play some fútbal. Im also going to teach the a bunch of missionaries here how to play skum, so that will be super fun! Thank you so much for all of your love and support, I cant thank you enough. Have a great week and Ill talk to you next week. I love you!!

Elder Wengert-W9

Monday, February 3, 2014

Asado time!!

 Asado with Familia Vega after some service!!

¡Los milagros de Rodeo!

Hello everybody,
     Wow, the weeks just continue to get better and better here in Rodeo de la Cruz!  Mom, we arent able to get mail delivered to our pench. So just continue sending it to the mission office address! Thank you! Sounds like it was a great, crazy, typical Wengert Week. Jordy, way to go in your basketball game. Sounds like you played great. You too Naes. But im sorry you didnt make it to state. But at least its softball time now for you too. When does that start? Tan Man, your basically a pilot now. Way to go buddy!! Wow, the broncos made it to the superbowl. Brings back some good bronco memories. But too bad they didnt win! That would have awesome. And U of A got knocked down from #1. Thats heartbreaking, but it was kind of bound to happen. They will just have rekill it this March right!! 
     Well this week was just so amazing. Saturday night I crawled into bed soaked in sweat, holding fast to my frozen 2 liter bottle to cool off a little bit, but with the biggest smile on my face. The joy of missionary work is so real. I never have been this happy before. Not after scoaring a touchdown, getting the and 1 to fall in basketball, or sitting in front of a huge plate of steak and smoaked ribs for dinner. The mission truly is the best 2 years for my life.
      Unfortunatly we arent able to baptize Roberto, the son of Familia Videlas, this Saturday because he needs to come to church one more time. But we have been teaching another boy named Gonzalo Quiroga. He is the grandson of a member who recently came back to chruch. But we have been teaching him and we will be baptizing him on Saturday. Also we were at the Familia Vega last Friday where we were teaching Pablo and Bryan, the boyfriends of the 2 Vega daughters. We had a little testimony meeting there and when it got to Pablo he just said ´´I need to get baptized´´. But he wants to wait. So we explained to him how he needs to asist church 2 times before his baptism. And after Bryan asked if he could get baptised with Pablo. So they both attended church yesterday and asked to get baptised this Next sunday after church. So they are super excited for that. We need to do a little more work with them before Sunday, but they are close. So awesome!
      Then last week a random guy walked into church so we went and talked to him. We learned that his name is Leandro, that he is member, attended church as a kid, and now wants to come back. So we went to his house later that week but wasnt there. But yesterday he showed up to church again but with his wife, Molena, and their brand new baby. He asked us to come over this week and start teaching his wife. So crazy. Miracles are happening all over in Rodeo. It just may be Sion haha. I love this area so much. 
    Earlier this week we got to do a little service for Familia Vega and then we ate an asado together after. It was so much fun and the asado was pretty good. 
    Well Im sorry, I also dont have much time today. But Thank you so much for everything. I hope you have a great week. I love you all!

Elder Wengert-W9