Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello from Argentina!

   You know at times i dont fully understand. How am I always so tired, yet so happy?! Just like Dad said, it never felt so good to go to bed so tired as a missionary. Its an amazing thing! But enough about me for now! Jordy and Naes, way to go. Winning the championship, so proud haha! And Jordy getting asked to prom. How exciting!! Make sure he knows that even though im 6000 miles away he still better watch out! Thank you so much for all of the pictures, i love getting pictures!! Dev, that was a good loookin tie you wore to Koles wedding!! And what is the last name of Koles wife? I have a sister in my zone that went to high school with him who wants to know if she knows her.  Dallin, thank you so much for writing, that concert looks so cool. That is so amazing they are putting that on for you! Dad, thank you so much for the brackets. I wont be able to have the time to fill it out. But I atleast get to see who arizona will be playing. Mom, you are just the greatest. The best Mom, seminary teacher, and missionary. You got it all!!  Tan Man, way to go going to the temple. And with family names. What a stud. Jess I got your package today. Thank you so much!! You will be having one coming your way very soon ok!!! Also please thank the Youngs and the Laulusas for me for there packages! There caramels were some of the best things I have tasted in a while!
     First I dont have a lot of time today. We are traveling to Mendoza Central to go the zoo haha. That should be fun! But this week was way good. Elder Nuñez came to our Stake conference and talked a lot to the stake about the importance of Marriage and of course missionary work. Our ward has already called us to set up times to come out with us and meetings with the leaders. Zone conference was amazing as well. You always leave with  new vision of missionary work. Elder Ballard traveled to Buenos Aires earlier this year and met with all of the Argentina Mission Presidents and few others from other countries in South America. Elder Ballard has changed our daily schedule. We now leave the pench at 9:30 so that we have a little bit more time to talk with the people before the siasta comes. Then we do that last 30 minutes of Comp study after lunch. It has been amazing and we have found so many more future investigators from just that extra 30 minutes in the morning.
      Well, this week went pretty well. This Saturday we will be holding the baptism for the 3 Paez kids. Hector, Yuliana, and Xixia. So we are looking forward to them. They are such sweet kids and are always asking us ´´when is family night?´´. Our ward gathers each week for their ´´Noche de Hogar´´.  Leandro and Malena are still doing good, except one thing happened. A little thing went down with the family and they moved out of there house and out of our area. They are just like 2 streets out of Rodeo. When we told them that we couldnt pass by since they are outside of our area they got super sad and said ´´but we want you guys´´. So we are going to see if we can recieve permission to still continue teaching them. They are so awesome!
     Miracle of the week!!! Do you remember Gustavo? The guy who stopped us in the street and said that he listened to the missionaries before and wanted to get baptised but had to leave for chile. We were able to get his phone number from his son and we got a hold of him finally. 3 weeks of searching payed off. Well we went over to his house on Saturday and we taught the Restauration and watched the first vision video with him. It was a super powerful lesson and the spirit was testifying so strongly. Aftewards he accepted our baptismal invitation for the 12 of april. He his an awesome guy and has so much faith,
     Sorry its so short, next week ill do better. I love you all so much. This is the work of the Lord, and each and everyone of us have the same responsibility in the work of salvacion. Have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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