Monday, April 7, 2014

What a week!!!

    Oh my goodness, conference was awesome wasnt it!! We had our ´´gringo room´´ upstairs in the stake center so we got to watch it english. And we got to see all of the sessions, even though the priethood session wasnt until 9 at night. But it was awesome!! I loved Eyrings talk about our heroes in life! Really hit home. I have so many examples and heroes. From superman (yea Ty Ty, I get to be superman ok) to the 2000 stripling warriors and then to Dad, Devin, and Dallin. It was way aweome! Well this week ended another transfer!!! Elder Christensen is leaving me behind to go to San Juan, another provedince. And i am staying here with... well I dont know actually, because im training again haha! I go to the offices to pick up my boy this Wednesday!! so im pretty excited for it this time. Last time it came as a suprise and I was kind of overwhelmed. But I feel a lot more prepared this time!! I got packages this week! I got dads missionary journal!! It is so amazing. Thank you jess for sending that! Beaudeddi haha, thank you o much for the pictures. Beau just gets cuter and cuter everyday! I may need to come home now to already start beating those dang boy away!! Jordy, when is prom this year? Who are you going with? I better get pictures this time. I never got any from your winter formal! Tan Man, way to prove dad wrong during the priesthood session!!! Im all up for wings after when im back. I really miss wings. Oh one more thing before I forget, we got a email from the offices that said that mail is getting so expensive and difficult, so we cant recieve anymore packages for now on. Cards are perfectly find, but no more packages. Sorry, it will save you some money haha!
     Well this week was awesome. About 3 weeks ago on exchanges we found a lady with 5 kids named Yolanda that told us we could come back. So we went by this week and had a awesome lady with her and her kids about the restauration. After she asked us to come by again. so we went by again yesterday morning before conference and we got in with Yolanda, her huband Luis, and the 5 kids and taught a way awesome lesson about the gospel of jesus christ. They all loved it and are now are working towards there baptismal dates for the 26 of April. Such an awesome and prepared family!
   Im sorry this is so short, we had a lot to do this morning and now have to meet the district to play some futbal. But I love you all so much and am looking forward to mothers day to see all your faces. Have a great week!!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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