Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello everybody,
     I am so sorry about my letter last week. I´m not sure what happened. But it has been a good but long week. We were supposed to have a baptism last saturday for a little girl named Valentina who was 9 years old. Whe have her baptismal interview and she comes out with our ZL after like 2 minutes. Come to know that is she actually 8 years old and is the responsibility of the bishop now. So dissapointing. We just came home and pigged out on ice cream to cheer us back up haha. But its ok, as long as she is baptized. The work here is pretty difficult because of how so many people here are catholic and worship so many saints. Mostly because they are pretty lazy and worshiping saints is super easy. You pray to them and thats it. no action involved. It gets pretty redicilous. And it gets pretty hard because of the ciesta they have here. it usually goes from about 1-6. They are all sleeping after they eat lunch and some people get very upset if you bother them. But its ok, we are able to meet with some people during this time. There is a part member family we meet with called familia Gutierrez. The mom and 2 of the kids are members, but the dad and the other 2 kids aren´t. So we are really working with them. But they love us. They feed us at least twice a week, but they fed us 3 times last week. But Sunday Hermana Gutierrez comes us to us and hands us each a bag and is like, I know you two have been pretty cold lately, so I got you these. And in the bag is a scarf and a pair of gloves. And she is working on knitting us beanies. She is the sweetest lady ever. And she has the coolest conversion story. They have a daughter who is 19, and a few years ago she got really sick. She finally got better, but the sickness left her not all in the head, and she still kind of acts like a little girl. But for 2 years she never left the house and didnt say one work. Not even one. And then the missionaries came over and starting teaching the family and commited them to going to church. But Hermana Gutierrez was sick that morning. But her daughter comes into the room and for the first time in 2 years talks to her mom saying Mom, you told the missionaries you would go to church, we need to go! And so they went and were baptized a few weeks later!! They are the greatest family, and so close to getting the rest of them baptized here. Friday we had lunch, which is a huge meal here in Argentina, with a member family. But it is a long walk to get there. We walk out of the city about a mile into the desert, and all of a sudden a little village pops out of nowhere haha. But we get to the house and the food still wont be ready for about another 30 minutes. So their 7 year old daughter Angie brings barbies out to us so we can play with her until the food was ready. So Elder Johnson (who has a super deep voice) and I are there talking with our girlie voices playing barbies haha. It was fun haha. Excpet the whole time I could here Devin´s voice saying ´´There goes a corner of your man card haha´´. But the family was happy and we even got recieved 2 references from here. So worth it for sure haha. Jordy-poo, don´t you just love it out there in the ditch haha. So much fun. I know it isn´t easy, but let me tell you, you have a great rewarding feeling when you are done! So don´t give up on it. Finish it for me!! How is everyone else doing? How did the girls do in their basketball  tournament? Tanno, whats going on?! I will have to cook you up a real Argentine asado when I get home alright!! Best ever! Sounds like Dallin is doing so good!!! And he gets to leave the hospital soon! That is so amazing, and such a huge blessing! The Lord has sure helped you through this trial. Just keep working hard for me alright! And we will have another basketball game on the little hoop when I get home. But don´t think im going to go easy on you because of this haha! Oh, mail doesnt get devivered to our individual pench, so just mail stuff to the mission office mom. And packages will take at least a month if not like 3 months, so don´t worry about a birthday package mom. Letters will be perfect! I am doing great!! Well I hope all of you have an amazing week. Thank you for everything. Love you!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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