Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week in Rodeo del Medio!

Hello everybody!!
     Great week here in Argentina! Sounds like the reunion was beyond amazing. It would have been to experience it, but I wouldnt trade being here in Argentina for anything. And what!! Nobody told me tara is pregnant!!!!! Thanks for leaving me out of the loop. Derek is 6000 miles away, so he doesnt need to know! Haha just kidding, Im messing with you. But that is so exciting! How far along? Dallin good luck today with your first day of therapy, you will do great!! Jordy-Poo, happy birthday! You are 16, that is crazy. But you need to tell all of those boys that they need to just wait until I get home to take you on date, and even then they will have to have an interview with me to make sure they are worthy to go out with my little sis haha!! And what the!? You are now going all the way to Nevada for softball? You are just touring all of the US arent you haha. Where is next? Devin and Teddi, that sure sounded like an adventure with the two baby lambs. But the long walk was definatly part of the gift. Way to go!! So this week was way good. Wednesday we traveled to Mendoza to the offices where our zone had a meeting with President Avila. So awesome!! Afterwords he gave us all some money and sent us to mcdonals to eat. Real american food haha. And mcdonalds is super expensive here. We are talking about 70 pesos for just a regular sized meal. That would be about $14 in the states haha! But they are super busy here too. And they have security guards in them haha. Its pretty funny to see them standing there in their unfiorms.
     Well this week the work went pretty well. We found a family. And they have 5 children. They are super interested too. We are just way excited to teach them. Excpet when we knocked on their door we were covered in mud haha. On our way there a motor cycle came zooming by us and drove right through a huge mud puddle and just splashed us. covering us in the mud. We were probably quite the sight to see haha!! But they are solid, and are going back tomorrow. So there is a recent convert here in the Barrio named Said. He was baptized a week before I got here. But we have been trying to teach his little sisterm but they live so far away. It is an hour and a half bus ride, and then another hour of walking to get there. They are totally in the middle of the desert. But we found out yesterday. But she comes to church with said every sunday, so we atleast try to teach her then. But we found out yesterdat that she has been taught all of lesson. But not from us missionaries, but from her brother Said. Every night he sits her down before going to bed and they go over one of the folletas (pamphlets) and he answers any of her questions. So we should be baptizing her pretty soon after we meet with her a little more often and make sure she understands everything. But it is so awesome to see something like this happening and to have that kind of help! And Wilson, Matias, and luis are slowly coming along. The marriage papers here are super long are pretty expensive. This is why there are so many people here who live together and have a family, but arent married. It gets pretty frustrating haha. How is everything else going for everybody!! Dad, how is the clinic going? Pretty busy? and what about your new car? you still liken it!! How is good ol festus doing haha? and what about my boy Chico! I miss the dog! But I get reminded about him all the time when people here call us Chicos all the time haha! Well I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all and thank you for everything!

Elder Wengert-W9

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