Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello from Rodeo del Medio!!

 Hello everyone,
      Wow, life has been crazy here, but good!!! And it is the end of my first transfer here. Elder Johnson and I were really expecting to stay here together. But Elder Johnson is now getting transfered to San Juan, a whole nother providence . But  he is getting bumped up as a Zone Leader there. Then Wednesday I get my new companion, Elder Fox! So a little bit of changes here. Dad, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the football tickets. And remember, if you take Tan with you, you have to split the 1 pound  nachos with him. That was our ritual, and you can carry that tradition on with him haha! But sounds like it was a great day for you! Dallin, way to go with protecting Jordan. That is something that I would have done for sure if i wasnt here!  Jordan, be careful with my Jeep alright haha. And sounds like your eegees date was fun. I hope you ate a lot of the watermelon for me haha! And sounds like your party was a lot of fun. Us Wengerts know how to throw a party haha. Mother, an asado here is an Argentine BBQ. They burn down a fire to just coals, and put a grill over the coals, slow cooking the carne, charriso, or pollo over those. Or  they cook them in their brick ovens. (That is one thing that we need to  build when I get home dad. Either an asado grill or a brick oven haha). We still havent gotten our stuffa yet in the pench, but we have started sleeping with 2 liter bottles filled with boiled  water. And that has really been working really well!
     Well my birthday was great. My District  gave  me a nice little suprise after singing to me and having a little bit of fun with flower and eggs. You finish the story haha! But then we just played futbal for the rest of p-day. Then at the Flia Gutierrez, they had made me cake and of course shoved my face into it haha!
     Well the work here is going great! We made the whole 2 hour commute to the house of Said to teach Carla, but to also try to teach the rest of his family. His Mom and 2 other sisters along as Carla. So we eat there, and yes it was another asado haha . So good. Then we start teaching about baptism, and about half way through the mom stops us, looks at her daughters, and asks, ¨so what do we need to do to get baptized¨? We were speechless for a second and then start  answering her question. We knew it would be hard for her to come to church because they have to walk an hour  and then take a bus for another hour to get there. But Sunday morning there is Said, his mother, and his sisters at church. They all really want to get baptized. It is amazing to see! The only problem is we need to get permission from the father to baptize them all, and he lives in Bolivia with no kind of communitcation. But he is supposed to be coming here to Rodeo del Medio this week. So we are excited to talk to him about that! 
    Then we went and taught Laura this week. She is the one with the 7 month year old daughter named Alma that has down syndrome . But we are teaching her there on the front porch about the restauration, but she wasnt really listening and stuff, and we could tell. So we stopped for a second , because we knew there was something else the she needed. Then Elder Johnson is asks her, Laura, if you dont mind me asking, Alma is  sick right? She has down syndrome. She gets kind of scared and doesnt say anything. He goes on saying, Alma having down syndrome is not a punishment for you . She just starts crying and she tells us how the whole barrio (neighborhood) has been telling her that. Alma has this because Laura made mistakes and was being punished for her past. I followed up with how this is acually a blessing for you. Alma has a spot already saved for her to live with the Lord, and that the Lord trusts her to take care of Alma until that time! We went on teaching her the plan of salvation and she loved it. At the end we asked her if there was anything that we could do for her, and she simply just said ¨just continue to visit me¨. It was so awesome, and it was so totally controlled by the spirit!
     Sounds like everything is great at home. Thank you so much for everything. Have a great week and I love you so much!

Elder Wengert-W9

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