Monday, June 24, 2013


Hello from Argentina!!

Wow, Dallin! It is just amazing on the progress you make each week. The blessings just continue to shower in! Argentina is so awesome!! I am serving in a ghetto and trashy kind of area called Rodeo del Medio. But I love it here!! I am getting trained by Elder Johnson from Ogden Utah haha!! Elder Johnson is a stud missionary. I really am lucky to have him as my trainer and am super excited about working with him. Everything is so different here and it is very difficult to communicate. Not only do I have to get used to just only spanish, but learn costellano as well. But it gets just a little bit easier each day. So we had a baptism last saturday for a 16 year old kid named Matias. It was crazy. Our church is a tiny little building with just a few rooms and no baptsimal faunt. So we had to make the faunt in the kitchen using some polls and basically a green tarp. And then since its winter here and a little chilly, we had to boil water on the stove in a big pot and dumping it into the faunt until it was full. Then after used buckets to scoop and carry the water out the door into a grassy area. So it took us about 6 hours to fill the faunt and two hours to take the faunt down haha. A whole day ordeal, but it is so worth it for a baptism. But we also have a batpism for a 9 year old girl named Valentina this Saturday! She has been wanting to get baptised for a while but her parents wouldnt let her. But finally they budged. She would travel an hour each sunday to attend church with her Grandparents who are members. Her mom said she can only get baptised if its not in our gross tarp-like faunt. So we are traveling almost 2 hours to our stake center for it haha! But it is going to be awesome! The food here is just good as I was told. It is delicious!!! There asados (bbq´s) are unlike anything I have tasted! And that is saying something when I grew up eating Dad´s grilling! The members feed us here really good as well. Lets just say it is a good thing that we walk everywhere with all of this food we are eating! I kind of feel bad with the place we are living though. All around us are these tiny little mud hut like homes, and then in the middle is some super nice pench´s (apartments) that we live in. President Avila really like them because it is a gated complex, and is a super safe place to live. And our area is kind of a rough area haha! Well sounds like life is good at home, but a little crazy as well! Like usual. I loved the email from Dallin. It made my week. Short and sweet. Jess how is your daughter doing? Sounds like you are doing awesome!! Well I am always so happy to hear from home. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I love you all, and have a great week.
Elder Wengert-W9

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