Monday, July 22, 2013

Love you all!!

Hello everybody,
     Thank you all for your birthday wishes. You´re the best!! Im not sure about any of your packages though, because mail doesnt get sent straight to our pench here, but to the mission office. So we only get mail here either when we go to the offices, or the ZL´s go. But Thank you all for them. Hopefully I get them soon haha. Luckily for me it falls on a P-day. So we are doing a little district get together, eat some food, play some futbal. That good stuff haha. But tomorrow the Familia Gutierrez is throwing me a little mini fiesta with a cake and an asado. They are just the best family. But that should exciting!
       Devin Wengert, I now have dirt on you my brother. You recieved a pedicure!! I think that is at least 2 corners off your man card. Haha, you have nothing on me now!! But maybe you can go do some manly things to attempt to earn them back haha!
     Well the weather here is so unpredictable. Earlier this week we were burning up while working in the afternoon. Then the next day it is freezing cold. And then we wake up yesterday to snow on the  ground, which is very rare in this part of Argenina. It gets cold, but almost never snows. Everybody was going crazy haha. But it was freezing that night in the pench. But its alright, we should be getting a stuffa (gas heater) very soon!
     Well the work is going very well. Carla, the sister of Said that he has been teaching, continues to progress. She is so ready for baptism, but the mother wont give permission until the father gives his permission. But the thing is the father lives  in Bolivia. He has no phone or computer. So it is very difficult to get ahold of him. So hopefully soon. Last Saturday we were working in a section of our area called 25 de Mayo, a very sketchy and run down area. But we are walking down the street there when a little boy, maybe 6 years old, runs up to us and is like I live right there!! We are just like which house is there? So he grabs our hands and leads us to his house, leaves us there in front, goes inside and comes out with hisd parents so that we could teach them haha. They didnt have much time so we gave them the quick version of the Restoration, and they really like it! so they asked if we could come back again. So we have an appoitment with them tomorrow!! Just a testimony builder for me of how special the children really are and how christ said we need to humble ourselves like a little child. Really cool esperience. We kept working there in 25 de mayo, and we went to contact a reference, but the house the address took us to wasnt right. But in front we talked to a man named Antonio. We told him we were missionaries, and right there he just asks us ¨can you bring hope to my soul¨? We were like we sure can. So he invited us in and we taught him the plan of salvation, and he loved it! So we are going back this week to teach him the restoration. I really hope it goes well with him!
      So kind of a funny story. The doors here in Argentina are dumb. They use big old fashioned keys, and you have to use the key to lock/unlock the doors on both sides. Wo we leave our pench and lock the door behind us. We go down the hallway to one more door that we need to unlock to get outside. I go to unlock it and some how the key gets stuck in this door and wont unlock it. We play around with the key trying to get it out and snap!! The key brakes haha! So we are locked in this hallway. We cant get out of the hallway, or into the pench haha. We sat here for 2 hours until somebody finally came and was able to call the landlord who brought some guy to fix it haha. But overall we were stuck in this hallway for 3 hours haha.
      Sounds like everything is going well at home. Jordan is really off to another softball tournament haha, she is just going all over the place!! But goodluck Jordy and Naes!! Tanno, sounds like Grandpa put you to work haha! Way to go! Those times are always tough when you are doing them. but are a great memory to look back on afterwords! Sounds like Dallins week of therapy went very well! That is awesome! And im excited to meet this new Dallin haha. A Dallin that talks a lot, that will be interesting haha! So the normal Dallin, but now has Mom´s gene haha. You know, the one that Jordan and Jess got haha! Dont worry Dad, we are careful here. But most people dont want to mess with us, since Argentines here are usually pretty small people. So im considered a pretty big guy here because of my height. Then Elder Johnson is 6´4´´, so that helps out too haha! Mom, sounds like it is a lot of fun getting ready for Seminary. But dont worry, you will do great. You always do!! Dev, congrats on this offer for the ER position. Ill be praying that you get it! You deserve it, thats for sure!! And I´m with Jess. I want some updates on these babies. (sorry you didnt get to do your fun surprise Tara haha). Like names, genders when you find out, due dates, that good stuff! Well thank you all so much for everything. I love you so much! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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