Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello everybody!!!
     Dallin, you are home!!!!!!! You are one crazy brother haha. Sounds like it was a great time being able to go back to the ward. Our ward really is amazing, and we have been blessed with the ability of having that great of a ward. Well great week this time. Even though Valentina didn´t count as a baptism for the mission, she asked me if I would baptize her, and it was such an amazing experience. I loved it!!! Well we have 3 investiagors named Luis, Matias, and Wilson. for all three of them their girlfriends are less active members. (they have children with eachother but arent married, and live with eacother. Huge problem here). But for passed few weeks that I have been here, they have literally been doing nothing. They wouldnt let us in or anything. So yesterday being fast sunday, Elder Johnson and I decided to fast for them. And yesterday, guess who comes walking in to church. Yes, all three of them and their wifes/girlfriends. And luis and his girlfriend live about 2 hours away from the church. We talked to them after and they want to get married. So what we are trying to get done is one big wedding for them all, and then the baptism for the husbands afterwards. So hopefully it all will work out! That would be so awesome!! Here is the down part of the week. We got fed last week on monday by an elderly couple in the ward. and it was pretty good, until that night. It was crazy, Elder Johnson and I wake up at about the same time. Like 2 in the morning, with terrible stomach pains. Yea, food poisoning haha. We took turns all night going to the bathroom and throwing up and that good stuff. Uh, the worst night of my life. We were like zombies walking around our area that night. Such a long day. But we woke up tuesday morning and were perfetly fine haha!! But yea, gotta love it haha! Well how is life at home?! The Wengert Reunion sounds like it is going to be way fun! Where is it being held at? I was so excited to hear about Paul!! How is he doing? Where is he living? Could I have his address, or at least an email for him.
That would be great! Sounds like the girls are having fun with all of their softball tournaments. Man jordan went all the way to Denver for softball! I think I may have gone farther than phoenix like once for high school sports haha! Sounds like the 4th was fun! Ours was pretty fun. We had an asado at the Gutierrez´s of course haha! But it was also their daughters birthday. So they had lots of family over. But they had us sing the national anthem for them, and I even got my first kiss in Argentina from a cute little old lady (the kisses on the cheeks when you greet someone. Most people dont do them to americans and especailly missionaries. but I dont know, not this time haha). Hey Jess, my Zone leader is named Elder Stetson Biggs from Gilbert. He said he knows you from EAC. I dont think real well but just a little bit!! And Jess, how is Derek doing tambien? Hey Jess, also ask everyone for refferals. It really works. This week we wanted to recieve and contact 15 refferals. And that is what we did. And because of that we have 12 new investigators from this week!! But of course everyone here is more than willing to let us in for the first lesson and become an investigator. The tough part is turn them into progressing.  But sounds like you are doing great!! Well sounds like you are doing well. I love you all so much and can´t thank you enough for everything. Have a great week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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