Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy June!!!!

   How is it seriously June? And wasnt I barely here writing you last week? The time is literally flying. Its so crazy!!! Dallin, happy one year mark! You are seriously incredible. Like all of you, I have been reflecting on this last year that went by since the accident and trying to imagine how i would be without this experience. Without the time of growth and progression that we had as a family. Though it was one of the most difficult trials i have had, and I didnt enjoy it at all as it was happening, I am so grateful for that opportunity to learn and grow. I am so grateful that the Lord loves us enough to give us these trials knowing that if we endure it well, we will one day look back with a smile on our face and gratitude in our hearts. These past weeks I have been talking quite a bit by email with President Wilkey (my old mission president in New Hampshire). He emailed me to see how  i was doing and telling me that they are thinking and me and my family during the one year mark. He is such an amazing guy and truly the reason i need to wait for my visa in New Hampshire. Tara and TJ, he is home now and lives in Lehi!! So keep an eye out for a David Wilkey!
    Sweet little Beau looked so beautiful on her blessing day! And its always a party with the Lindseys, so that is a plus! When will Tell be leaving for his mission? Mom, im sorry you missed your flight. That just broke my heart to hear! But at least the party sounded so amazing! We will have to throw a 2 year party as well so that I can go to it as a well haha! Oh Tan and Mom, sorry about the confusion. In spanish to say that you chewed somebody out you say ´´bajar la caƱa´´ or translated to drop the cane. So I have just gotten used to saying that in inglish too haha! Dad, enjoy your week at AP camp, I always loved those trips! Tan and Naes, good job with swim team! Jordy, let me know how girls state goes. I remember my week at boys state, and it was so boring at times but also so much fun as well! I learned a lot there, mostly i learned how much i dont like politics haha. But just get envolved, run for a position, go all out for the basketball tournament haha (if they have that for girls state, and you will have a good week!
    Well. this was an amazing week! And it ended with an amazing baptism for Melisa!! Everything went perfect. She recieved a lot of support from her family who all came to the baptism and from the ward. Especially from the relief society. She is just so thirsty for the knowledge of gospel right now and just wants to learn as much as she can. We stopped by her house last night and she was sitting down at her table with a schedule of institute trying to figure out which class worked best with her weekly schedule! Also, she met with bishop and set goals to work towards going to the temple! It is just so awesome!! And that is not all. When we talked to her last night she told us ´´Elders, Im only 26. That means if i decide to, I can still go on a mission´´! So she is now thinking about working towards going on a mission. This just shows us that there are truly prepared people out there waiting for the gospel. It takes a lot of work. We had been working with Melisa for over 4 months before she finally realized what she wanted more than anything else in the world, the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it was then that she dropped everything to find it. Like Jess said, what a privilege to be the hands of the lord at this time!!!
     Another miracle of this week! Remember I was telling you about our Bishops grandson, Gonzalo. Well last week we recieved permission from his parents to teach him. He is such a stud. He is only 9 years old, but knows so much about gospel. Way more than I did at age 9 at least. So we taught him the restauration and his now has a baptismal date for the 14th of June, the same day his Unkle Kevin is getting baptised. (the youngest son of Bishop that is 8). So it will be awesome for them to get baptised together since they are basically best friends!
     Well Dad, I bought a basketball today!!!!!! its not the best quality, but its a basketball. So we are playing today for pday. Im way excited. It will be my first time playing since December, so wish me luck haha! I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your support and help in everything. Have a great week, love you!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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