Monday, May 26, 2014

Week of Miracles!!

    Hello!!! So I am with Jessie on this one. What was everybody doing home? But thank you so much for all the pictures! I absolutely loved them all. Tara Jo, your boys are all so big I cant believe it! But still super cute! I loved the picture of Devin getting eaten by the goats, way funny. But its a good thing you held on tight and didnt drop little Beau, or else I would have gotten to travel down and take care of it. So Dad, I heard about your ``haters gonna hate, so dont hate on me´´ video haha. Jordy, send it to me please haha! Sister Bruce, thank you so much for the letter and the email of Josh. I can always count on you!! Jess, my CR in New Hampshire was a little bit Hindu, but not hard core. They are an amazing people from Napal though!
    So this week was way awesome! To start of we had a way fun Noche de Hogar or Family Home Evening with Familia Paez. Its always a crazy time when we are over there since this family is so big, so we started off with a quick little message and then played the best game ever....´´No coma a Pedro´´  or ´´Dont eate Pete´´ haha! They all loved it so much and were all getting so into it! We even had some American candy to use, so that made them like it even more. We pulled out our cameras at the end to take a few pictures and they went even crazier. Being a poorer family they dont get to take pictures very often, so when they can they make use of the time haha!
    We got new neighbors that moved in like a month ago, and the mom is a inactive member. But this past week she knocked on our door one night and asked us if we give her little son a blessing. So we went and did that, and after she told us that her husband had been asking her a few questions about us missionaries and the church. So on Saturday we got to go over and teach them a lesson about the Restauration. It went pretty well and he had some good questions for us. He works a lot so it will be a little difficult to plan a time to meet with him again. But luckily they only live 5 feet from us and it wont be hard to stop by all the time haha!
    Melisa is seriously on fire! She is so excited and ready for her baptism this saturday. We had another Noche de Hogar with her where she taught the lesson using a Liahona (Ensign) that she got a hold of. And thats not all, she invited one of her friends to come to the Noche de Hogar and her friend loved it. So much that she came to church yesterday as well. Unfortunatly she lives outside of our area in Santa Ana, so we will be passing the reference on to the zone leaders! Then yesterday during lunch we recieved a phonecall from Monica, Melisas older sister. She asked if she could meet with us that night. So we went over and had a way solid lesson with her. She started out telling us that she had been talking a lot to Melisa and their youngest sister Vanessa (she was baptised a year ago in Chile) and that she knows she wants to be a part of what her sisters have. And after asked us ´´´so, what do i need to do get baptised´´. I felt like giving my comp a big ol kiss right then ( ok, not that excited), but I was at least speechless for a sec haha. We were able to set some good goals of what she is going to do to prepare to get baptized. The biggest thing is getting her and her boyfriend married. But we are excited to teach them about the plan of salvation, because their only concerns have to do with their 4 month old baby, Emma. She is just the cutest little girl ever (well almost as cute as Beau!). So we are really excited to start working with Monica and Pablo!!
   Ok, one funny story before its time to leave. So we had a lesson Saturday with an inactive member named Rocky. He is just a super crazy guy. He had just gotten a bottle of whiskey to help him with the ´´cold´´ haha. He realized that my comp Elder Thomas was a little sick and asked him if wanted a swig of the whiskey to help him with his cold. Elder Thomas didnt understand him so he told him yes haha. But I quickly corrected him and told Rocky that he didnt want any. But that made Rocky way mad and he just started yelling at me ´´who do you think you are. he can make his own decisions. etc´´.  I knew he was a harmless guy so I had a hard time not laughing at him. In the end we had to drop some cane on him, but lovingly. He is a great guy, just a little lost right now.
    Well, I am doing great here in Rodeo. Its sad to think I will probably only have another 3 weeks here. But Im loving my time here. It is such a prepared area. The Lord is truly preparing his children to accept the gospel. We, as the lords hands, just have to find and guide them. What a privilege that is!! I love you all so much, have a great week, and I will talk to you next week!! ¡Chao!

Elder Wengert-W9

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