Monday, June 16, 2014

Here comes number 3!!

   Dang, sounded like an awesome week. Tan Man, sounds like you are doing awesome with your boot camp plan. Its way funny that Dad calls you Flaco,  because here alot of husbands call their wifes flaca but it is a way of expressing theire love. It would be like Dad calling mome honey or babe haha. So Dad loves you, and that is why he is calling you Flaco! Tara and TJ, your house looks so good, and the boys are getting so big!! I loved all of the Soccer jerseys for all of the boys. Especially since there was an Argentina jersey. Happy Fathers day to the greatest Dad in the world!! Couldnt ask for a better friend and role model! I look forward to being able to play some basketball and cooking some asados together when i get home haha! Jordy and Naes, girls camp sounded like so much fun. Good luck in your basketball tournmament! Naes, Happy Birthday, for last week!! What are you planning on doing? I want to hear all about it! Oh Dad, I heard the spurs won the championship this year. Everybody is talking about it here!! 
    So this was an awesome week. A little tough with the World Cup starting up. It doesnt get too crazy during the other games. But the whole day is super crazy when Argentina plays. Everybody is just scrambling around all day getting prepared for the game, and everything shuts down about 30 min before the game. So because there are always those crazy fans, President doesnt want us outside during the Argentina games. So we can either chose to stay in the pench or gather with an active member family to watch the game. So the Famlia Aban, the family of the Elders Quorum President, invited us over to watch the game this past week. It was way fun and argentina won 2-1 against Bosnia.
   Well, Gonzalo got baptised this past Saturday with his uncle Kevin and everything went super good! There was a huge group that came and a lot of non members. So after the baptisms, instead of singing songs to wait for them to change, the stake president asked us to share the message of the Restauration with everybody there. So we got on the stage and taught, and acutally went really well and was way awesome. Something I never had done before, but was a great experience. And after the baptism we got to talk to quite a few people and get some return appoitments. One of them were Andres and Mariela. A married couple that was already given a book of mormon and are already reading it. Afterwards, they actually came up to us asking if we could come by some time to teach them more. Such a huge miracle!
   Melisa is still doing awesome. So Mom, the robber didnt read the book of mormon and get baptised, but what did happen is a that she got a phonce call from some random guy who found her documents in the street. So she atleast got those back which are super important for her work since she has to travel back and forth to Chile and here.
    So last night we recieved those terrifying transfer calls and yes Im leaving my area. Its a little sad since iv gotten really close with people after being here for almost 6 months. So I now get to know a new Providence here in Argentina. I will be going to San Juan and my area is called Beneviez. But the thing is that i will be training again for the third time and i will be washing the area. I dont even know what to think right now haha. It for sure will be tough to get to a brand new area where neither of us know it at all. But it will be good. Im excited for a new adventure. But any prayers would be well appreciated!
    Well, im so glad is doing so well. I hope this upcoming week is just as great. I love you all so much and I look forward to hearing from you next week from Beneviez!! ¡Chao! (Bye!!)

Elder Wengert-W9

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