Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello from Benavidez!!!

   Well, this has been such a crazy week. But i dont think it is possible for any Wengert to have a normal week. Jordy and Naes, way to ball it up in San Diego! Tan Man, scout camp sounded like so much fun! But you better have saved me some of those wings! Naes, let me know how your FIESTA goes, oh yea!!!! Tj, dont worry, I know that Messi is the only reason Argentina is still in the world cup. But everybody here is still going crazy and saying that Argentina is going to win it all (lets be honest, probably not going to happen haha). But go USA! We have to play good against Germany so we can move on! Hey, so did Tell recieve his mission call? Nobody tells me anything haha! And I want to see the picture of Paul and Kalene!
   Alright, so it was a little sad to leave Rodeo de la Cruz. But I was actually ready for some change as well. 6 months in an area is a lot of time, but i sure did make some awesome relationships there. I recieved the coolest card ever from Melisa. Just showing her thanks for bringing the gospel to her and then ended it with such a powerful testimony. Reading that letter from her just made all of those hard times in Rodeo be forgotten and so worth every bit of work did to help her recieve the gospel. It was super sad to say goodbye to her, but Rodeo is pretty close to the offices, so I promised her that I will pass by atleast one time before coming home. Dang, the Lord truly is preparing his children to recieve the gospel. Just like Devin told me at the beginning of my mission ´´everybody wants what we have, most of them just dont know it´´. What an honor to help those special children of the Lord recognize that and embrase the joy and happiness of the fulness of the gospel.
   So I picked up my new boy last week, Elder Willard from Nevada. He is such an awesome guy. Truly a sports lover like me. We seriously are like the same person. He played football, basketball, and baseball in highschool, his older sister is also on her mission in Idaho, he plays the piano, it just goes on and on. Lets just say, we have plenty to talk about and it has been a blast with him so far. It was way funny though, his first sunday in Argentina and we had to give talks in sacrament meeting haha. But he did good and his spanish (or should i say castellano haha) is pretty good for only a few days here! But we are now here in Benavidez! It has been so crazy washing an area. Showing up here and not knowing anybody or where anything is. And we got here only with 1 investigator. So we have been tearing apart the area book, visiting all of the formers, talking to everybody we see, and walking and walking and walking haha! San Juan doesnt have a very good bus schedule like Mendoza, so we walk a lot!! So yes, it was a long and tough week, but the Lord truly saw our desires and efforts and filled our time with a few tender mercies. One of those was when we were working in one of the neighborhoods here. We were trying to find a certain road that one of the former investigators lived on. But as we were walking a soccer ball bounced over the fence of somebodys yard into the street. So we got the ball and gave it back to them as a old man named named Pablo was walking down the street next to us. After he joked with us saying ´´do you have something for me too?´´ and we just told him ´´oh we sure do´´ haha. So we explained a little bit about the restauration and he allowed us to go to his house. So we finished the lesson, but he was so old that he could barely hear us. So we were basically shouting the lesson to him from across the table. But luckily he was able to understand us and afterwards asked us to come back today so we could teach him and his wife. So awesome! So please pray for him that him and his wife will recognize the truthfulness of the gospel tonight and beging to progress towards baptism.
   Oh also mom, prepare yourself for this. But last week at the trainers meeting they had me play the piano, and it made me realize how I actually missed playing the piano. Kind of wierd right? haha. But thank you for all of those years of lessons mom. I really do appreciate it!
   Well, i hope you all have an amazing week. I will just be here scrubbing and scrubbing until we finish washing! I love you all so much and I will hear from you  next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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