Monday, June 9, 2014

Re: Today is the Day!! (Im not really sure what the day is, but I thought it sounded like a good title haha!)

Sorry, you will have to wait until next week for pictures. My computer isnt wanting to work with me!

On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Derek Wengert <> wrote:
  Hello from Argentina!!! Lets just say the World Cup starts this week, so things are getting pretty crazy! We are waiting to hear the rules that President Ávila will be putting for it. But whatever they are, im pretty sure it will cut down on our ability to proselyte. Dang it!! But sounds like everything is going great back at home!! Jordy and Naes, good job in basketball! Jordy, watch out for Naes so that she doesnt take your spot haha! Tan Man, take advantage of this Mom time. It doesnt happy very often! Dad, when you get the chance tell Brother Flake hi back for me. I still remember having him as my leader my last AP camp. Such a great guy! Im way excited to hear that Lindsey Parris is coming here to Argentina. Lucky girl haha!! I dont know a whole lot either about Neuquen, but i imagen it is somewhat similar to Mendoza since it is the providence right below us!
   Well, we had kind of a tough week this time. A lot of our citas fell through and investigators dropping us. But we did the only thing we could do, keep going and working! But as we did that, the miracles came! Saturday during exchanges with Elder Alvarado from Peru, we taught a man named Luis! We recieved a reference for him about a month ago, but never could find him home! But during these exchanges, as we passed his house we felt prompted to knock it again. Luis answered the door and immediately let us in saying ´´finally we found eachother´´. So we taught him about the Restauration and the Book of Mormon (which he already had and has been reading it). It was a way good lesson and he had a bunch of good questions. We have a return appoitment with him tomorrow. So we are looking forward to that and are way excited about him!
   Earlier last week, we got to do some service for familia Alcázar, a less active family where we worked in their vineyard. Way fun! Unfortunatly it wasnt harvesting, but just weeding and cleaning up the area. But I got to work in the vineyard in the Lords vineyard of Rodeo de la Cruz haha!
   Yes, Melisa justs keeps killing it! She is trying to set up a service project we can do together for somebody in her neighborhood. She is just always looking it help people. She was a little sad during this week since somebody broke the window of her car and stole everything inside (the stereo, her backpack, documents, even her Book of Mormon haha). She told us about how she came home just crying but decided to pray to the Lord. That was when she recieved comfort and realized ´´maybe they stole all of my things, but I still have my faith and my trust in God. So I am ok!´´. She is just so awesome and was so prepared to get baptised!
    Gonzalo is doing good as well and is super excited for his baptism on Saturday. He showed up to church as well with invitations for his baptism to pass out to all of the ward members. We still need to finish up a few lessons, but he is a little stud!
   Well, i hope you all have a great week! Dad, Jordy, and Naes, have a good time at girls camp!! Tan Man, let me know how sports are doing!! Tara and TJ/Teddi and Dev, I want to see pictures of your houses. Dallin and Amy, way to go with Mud Run, sounds like it was way fun! Well, this could be my last week in Rodeo de la Cruz, so I need to go out with a bang!! I love you all so much and I will hear from you next week! ¡Chao!

Elder Wengert-W9

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