Monday, May 19, 2014

¡Me quedo!

Hello everybody,
    Sounds like a good week for everybody!!! Jordy and Naes, im sorry about state, but number 6 is still awesome, way to go!!!! Honest Tan, you are seriously the man. Im so proud of you, and please dont beat me up when i get home. Tara and Tj, you sold your house!!! Congrats, where are you looking to moving to? Dev, how is your job going? And Dallin and Amy, how is everything going in Logan with baby Clay. So I got a email from Jan Bruce and she told me that Josh Wiess got his mission call to Monterrey Mexico, that is so awesome. Is there anyway you could get me an email for him? Thanks! Oh Jess, you said you taught a Napal lady, that is all I taught while in New Hampshire and Procash, the kid we baptised there was from Napal. They are such an amazing and loving people. Did you get a return date with her?
    So yesterday we received those always so nervous filled phonecalls for Transfers. I dont even know why we get so nervous for them. What is so scary about them? But I was told ´´Elder Wengert, se queda!!!´´, so yes I am staying for another transfer here in Rodeo de la Cruz and finishing up training Elder Thomas. But this transfer is only 4 weeks long since it is the last one for Presidente Ávila. The other two weeks we are putting in for next transfer to make it 8 weeks long so that Presidente Goates has a little bit more time to tour the mission and meet with all of the missionaries.
     Well this week was super wierd and hard. One of our Zone Leaders got sent home for some health issues and the other LZ, Elder Reynolds, never got a new comp to end the transfer. So we got put into a trio for the last week. So the whole week we were having to travel back and forth trying to balance the two areas. So stressful since both of areas have a golden investigator. We have Melisa here in Rodeo and Elder Reynolds has their invesitigator named Dora. Though it was super tough, I think i can put it up there of one the greatest weeks of my mission. The tough times always turn into growth and miracles, and thats the great thing about them!
    This week we had our last Zone Conference with Presidente and Hermana Ávila before they go home in a month. It was incredible. I love those two so much and have had such a huge impact in my life!!!!
    Well, this week we met with Melisa everyday to help her keep getting ready for her baptism and I couldnt believe it. She was so ready!!! I had never had an investigator during my mission so ready. So we went to our bishop to get it all planned out and he told us that we couldnt baptise her and is making us wait for the 31 of May. Ahhh, so frustrating at times to work with him. But in the end we worked with him and Melisa will be getting baptised on the 31. But for the brightside, since Im staying here this transer  will be here for it!
    Well, sorry this is a short one, but i dont have a lot of time left. Thank you all so much for everything. I love you all!!!!

Elder Wengert-W9


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