Monday, May 12, 2014

¡Viva Rodeo!

    Oh my goodness, it was so good to see your beautiful faces yesterday. Everybody looks so good! Jordan and Janae, stop getting so beautiful. Tanner, you get studlier everytime I see you! Jordy and Naes, way to go with softball! That article was awesome, you are killing it. Go and win state for me!! Tara, i loved hearing your voice at least. Enough to make me happy! and thank you for all of the pictures. I have the most beautiful niece and handsome nephews ever. I look forward to meeting them some day!  Well, i believe i said just about everything yesterday and im sure mom will be telling everybody about it. So this week it is going to be a little shorter than usual. Sorry!!
   We have a cita with Melisa tonight, so we will get to see how her weekend went in Chile and what she needs to do to prepare herself for her baptism this saturday! But from the text we got from her earlier this week telling us that because her desires to baptise herself is greater than anything else she will have the strength to keep going without smoking, I think she will be good to go! It has been way exciting to see how the gospel has changed her life! She is so much happier now and knows what direction to go with her life. Mom, I believe that is one of my favorite things of my mission. Seeing people change through the process of accepting the gospel. There is nothing that matches it.
   Dad, i loved your thought. The lord truly gives us strength to do this great work of his. There are mornings where i wake up so dead and cant even get out of bed. Somehow I drag myself out and, do some pushups, situps, or something for excercises, and take my wondefully refreshing bucket shower. By then I am good to go and have the strength and energy to get through my studies without falling asleep and head out to work. I believe the lord has a special part in his heart for his representives and for this reason we recieve strength and protection each and everyday as missionaries. We get resanctified by his sweet spirit each morning to share his perfect message of happiness and hope to everybody else. What a privilage that we have! And the best part about it is that this privilage never ends. We can search out those daily missionary opportunities and just like us missionaries, get resanctified with his love for us and the greatest blessings that come from participating in this work of salvation. So my family and friends, no matter where you are, how old you are, or what you are doing. Forget yourselves and go to work!!
   I love you all so much and cant express how grateful i am for each and everyone of you. Have an amazing week and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

1. Zona Guaymallén (my zone here)
2. Oh yea, we made nachos last week. Or atleast our attempt. We couldnt find actual nacho cheese, so we had to go with a typical Jordan dinner: Microwaved chips and cheese haha!

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