Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey Jess, I belive in miracles too!!!!

    Wow, what a week for the wengert family!! Everybody is just tearing it up! Dad, I would also love a copy of your talk if you have one. It sounded amazing! Tan Man, stop getting so big. At this rate you will be beating me up when I get home!! Nae Nae, look at you girl killing at short stop. Way to go! Jordy Poo, you looked gorgeous at prom. But im sorry, no more dating until im home. And even then you can only go on dates with me ok haha! Ty Ty, i love your captain america bear. I need one just like that to cuddle up to at night. Hey Mom, your experience with the teethless men drinking beer while out with missionaries sounds a lot like many of my experiences here haha. Dental hygiene is a problem here, but your number of teeth doesnt show the worth of your soul. But Argentina is still full of some of the most amazing and humble people you will ever meet. Tj, you would like it here in Argentina right now. Everybody is preparing for the worldcup and going crazy. Though the USA have a tough group to play with, we have to do well so that I will have a good conversation starter for the rest of my mission haha!
     Jess, I know how you were feeling. This week started off pretty tough for me as well. Woke up tuesday morning not feeling to well. Something I ate must have not agreed with my body so well. But the Lords watches over us and to do this great work of his. Our citas were just falling left or right. But we kept working and that is when the miracles started to come. Our first was with Melis Carleti. An investigator we had worked a lot with but wasnt really progressing much. But we got a text from her asking us if we could meet up with her. We knew this could be a huge opportunity for her. She showed her faith and desire when wanting to meet with us. So we wanted to have a powerful lesson with her. And that we did. It was probably the most powerful lesson I have been a part of my whole mission. We first started off watching the church video ´´Because of Him´´ and it truly set the tone for the lesson. We after focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how that act of love was personally performed for her. We then lead that into Christs invitation to us for baptism in 2 Nefi 31. In the end she accepted a baptismal date for the 17 of May. We passed by the next day with a plan to quit smoking where she now hasnt smoked in two days. It has been so amazing to see her change of heart in accepting the gospel in her life. You just see the light and happiness that now surrounds her. 
    The second miracle came yesterday. Bishops grandson, Gonzalo, asisted church again yesterday and even shared his testimony in sacrament meeting. A simple but powerful testimony about how Christ lives. The whole time im just thinking ´´how are you only 9? Dang, you need to get baptized´´ haha! We have now recieved permission from his mom, bishops daughter, but his mom wants to ask the father for permission as well. But we should be starting teaching him this week! 
    Things have gotten a little more complicated with Leandro and Malena. I know they still have the desires to get married and for Malena to get baptised, but they have kind of stopped keeping their commitments. They didnt come to church the last 2 weeks and werent there the last time we passed by for our cita. Im thinking its probably a problem with Malenas parents. But just please prayer for them and Melisa please, that they may recieve the strength and desires necessary to keep going and doing what needs to be done to enter the doors of the gospel. Thank you so much!
     I think one of my favorite parts of Argentina are the little kids. They are just in love with us missionaries, especially if your a gringo. They are always running up to us to give us high fives and just to say hi. Its awesome. This past week we were walking down the poorer part of our area and these 2 little girls ran up to us and asked us to jump rope with them. So of course we stopped for a second and played with them. I wonder what everybody thought of us. ´´Who are these two gringos wearing shirts and ties and jumping rope?´´. But I loved it. I wish we could carry our  cameras on us more often so we could take pictures of moments like that. I loved it!
   Well, I love you all so much. I am so excited to see you and talk to you on Sunday. Its hard to believe its already May, its flying by so fast! But 2:20 will work perfect for me. I cant wait. I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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