Monday, April 28, 2014

Re: Another week in Rodeo!!

Oh thats right, i have your book Dad and I have been adding to it. It is incredible!!!

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Derek Wengert <> wrote:
   Ahh, little Beau, thank you so much for you letter. You are a much better writer than your daddy. But it´s ok, maybe you can teach him. Haha just kidding Dev, you are the man. Congrats on getting the job. When do you start working and move to Phoenix? Tan Man, your workout program sounds awsome. You are going to be almost as strong as Ty Ty in his Captain America costume. Tara, the party looked so cool. I for sure would have gone to that party! And where can I find a cool Captain America suit like that? It would be perfect for pday. Oh Grandma Allen, Hermana Ojeda (the lady in our ward who you gave the pie recipe to) absolutely loves you. She had been asking for the missionaries for the last year for a recipe, and you were the first to come through for her. Everytime she sees me, she asks me to thank you. And I want to thank you too because now she bakes us a pie every week haha. Everytime it gets better and better. This last week, it was a perfect american apple pie. I was literally in heaven for a little bit!
   Well, this week has been pretty good. We had interviews with Presidente Ávila last friday. They are always so awesome. I love that man and is so inspired. Im going to miss him when he leaves us in a few months. But he talked to me a lot about being a good leader in the mission and what we need to do to really welcome in Presidente Goates when he gets here.
    This week we really focused on working with members, first starting with our bishop. Our bishop is a great guy, just a little difficult to work with at times. He just has his priorities set up for other parts of the ward and not in missionary work. We set up an appoitment with him to come out with us, but ended up falling through. But yesterday the real miracle happened. His 9 year old grandson Gonzalo, who is not a member, came to church with them and loved it. He even gave the closing prayer in Sacrament Meeting. So this week we will be starting to teach him which will have to cause bishop to get a little more involved with us. We are way excited about that. 
    Last week we found a man named Walter and his son Mariano. He lives across the street from us in a bodega (a run down winery). Walter told us about how he wants to be a good example for Mariano (who is 12) and raise him up in the faith. So they came to church with us yesterday and loved it. We had an awesome lesson with them yesterday afternoon about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end they both accepted bautismal dates for the 10 of May that Elder Thomas extended. I thought he was going to shake right off the bucket he was sitting on haha. But it was so awesome and they just keep progressing everyday. Walter does have a little problem with the Word of Wisdom that he needs to work on, but nothing the Lord cant help with. 
   Leandro and Malena are doing great as well. They are going this Wednesday with Malenas Mom to sign the papers to recieve a date for their wedding!!! And then right after we will baptise her! They are so awesome and I absolutely love them!
   Since iv gotten here we have been working with Marcelo Urrutia. Elder Christensen and I first helped him quit smoking and he has now been smoke free for almost 3 months. But ever since he has been coming to church every sunday. He wants to get baptised really bad, he is just waiting to get his divorcement so he can get married. But, he got a phone call last week and now has an appoitment this tuesday to go and talk to somebody about getting divorced. We are all so excited! We just keep seeing miracles happening left and right! It is sad to think that I may be leaving in three weeks after this transfer. But maybe not, we will see!!!
    Well, just let me know what time we can skype at. Mom, sorry but i dont think i will be able to do a phone call. It just super expensive to call out of the country here. But we are a 4 hour difference here. What time do you have church at? We have it from 9-12 here making it 5-8 in the morning there. What ever works best for you guys. I love you all so much and have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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