Monday, April 14, 2014

Another week!!!

Buen Dia mis amores,
     I love hearing about everything, sounds like everybody is more than great! Jordy Poo, have fun at Prom! Send me pictures!! Mom, for packages its not just super expensive, there are just not arriving here. Its getting pretty difficult for outside products to enter into the country. So sorry haha! Jordy and Naes, good job in softball!! keep on killing it! Tan Man, sounds like you are quite the golf  player. You too dad. We will all have to play when I get back! Also Dad, welcome to my world. Always tired haha! But dont worry about your prayer thing, the same thing has happened to me here haha! I love hearing about missionary work going on all around the world. Its just so exciting!! 
    So now I am here in Rodeo de la Cruz with Elder Derek Thomas from Las Vegas Nevada. He is fresh from the MTC, so it has been a lot of fun so far introducing him to not just missionary life, but missionary life in Argentina (much different than the MTC haha). But he is a good guy, hard worker with great desires, he just cant understand a word anybody is saying. But I have loved it so far. I have really loved doing the first 12 weeks program with him again. My trainers, though they are great missionaries, didnt do the program very well with me. So I have been learning a lot with it so far. Oh, so I was at the offices on wednesday to pick up Elder Thomas, and I was with Elder Webster who was also training in Rodeo de Medio (my birthplace!!). But then in walked Elder Bennett! So we got to have a fun Marana reunion. Nobody believed us when we told them that we all went to highschool together. Oh speaking of Marana High School, I dont know of any of you know or remember Derek Funcas. He graduated with me. But he got baptised the summer after graduation while at U of A. But he just got his mission call to Birmingham England speaking Chinese haha. Keep an eye out for him Jess. He is a way fun kid!
    But now back to Argentina. It was a good week, always a little different when introducing an area, and especially to a brand new missionary. We got to meet with Yolanda, Luis, and the family once and had a good lesson with them. Yesterday we passed by to pick them up for church and ended up not coming. So we will need to change their baptismal date, but thats ok. We will continue working with them!
   We also found another kid named Cristian this week. We have been trying to get in with his mom, but its difficult to find her  in the house. But we talked to Cristion and allowed us to come in for a bit. He first told us about how he didnt believe in God, so we bore testimony to him about the Lord. And after he had a lot of random questions for us. He basically thought we were just like any other church and missionaries. We explained to him about why were personally there with love for him. And after he was like ´´wow. I didnt know that´´. You could tell it really touched his heart. We were getting ready to leave and then he told us that he had only one more question. He asked ´´what is the Book of Mormon and who wrote it?´´. Yes, that will do it!!! So we sat right back down and continued teaching about the book of mormon. Leaft a copy with him and a committment to read it. It was a way cool lesson!!!
     Well, everything is doing great here in Argentina. Its finally cooling down, I had to wear a sweater on Saturday and we slept without the fan last night. Yahoo!! The only bad thing is we dont have hot water for our showers in the morning.  But who cares. In the words of Jordy (and now Mom haha) Yolo!!! Have a wonderful week. I love you all so much!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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