Monday, April 21, 2014

¡Felices Pascua!

Happy Easter!!!
   Easter was a great day here in Rodeo! Basically just another day for us, which I was fine with. It helped me focus more on the true reason of Easter. It is an amazing day. Christ truly does live, and through him we will as well. He is my big brother and my best friend! Easter here is a little different. They have the a whole week leading up to Easter day known as ´´Semana Santa´´ or holy week. They dont eat any meat for the whole week (we ate a lot of fishy things because of it) and nobody was outside. So it the made the week a little dificult to work with. Jordy Poo, you looked beautiful in your Prom dress and it sounded like Prom was a lot of fun! Tan Man, Browns Boot Camp sounds awesome. Too hard for me, but luckily you are a lot tougher. But the only rule is you cant be bigger or stronger than me when I come home ok haha! Sounds like softball is going good for the girls. Good luck playing ironwood this week. Beat them extra bad for me please!! I didnt get a video of Ty seeing his easter basket, but I would love to please!! 
     Well this has been a good week. A little tougher with investigators going out of town for easter and Semana Santa, but it was still good. First of all, do you remember Leandro and Malena? We were working with them about a month ago until they moved out of our area. Well the missionaries have been working with them there, they have everything except for marriage to get baptised. Well they moved back into our area! They should be getting married in the next two weeks and then Malena will get baptised (Leandro is already a member). So that is exciting! I love that couple so much!
   We didnt get to get together with Yolanda and Luis this week because they leaft town for Easter. So we are going to need to have a good powerful lesson with them and see how their desires are for baptism. But we found two solid new investigators this week. Patricia and Hugo. They were a reference from a member, but they both have so much faith but just dont know how to show it. We have only had the restauration lesson with them, but we are really excited to keep working with them. They have the cutest little grandaughter named Milagros (dont worry, not quite as cute as little Beau), that crawled/walked around during the lesson and kept trying to hop onto my lap. Im just like ´´I want to hold you so bad, but I cant, sorry milagros´´. Just a way cute girl. 
    Everything is going good with training here in Rodeo. Elder Thomas is doing good and is learning a little bit more each day. Mom, the 12 weeks program is the training program we have to help the new missionaries get adjusted to mission life and start learning the lessons. It requires another hour of studying each day giving us a total of 4 hours of studies, but it is so needed and literally is such an inspired program. 
   Dad, you turned my jeep into the vet car? That is crazy, but now you are rolling in style haha! Devin, good luck with your job interview this week. You will do great!  Im glad to hear that Scotty is doing good after his accident. Is he dating anybody? Oh one more thing. If I am correct Mothers Day is in 3 weeks, which means we get to skype!!! We need to figure out a plan of what time we are going to talk and everything. Just let me know what works for you!! I love you all so much! Have a great week and I will talk to you next week! ¡Cuidase! 

Elder Wengert-W9

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