Monday, January 27, 2014

Miracles happening in Rodeo!!

Hello everybody!!!
     Sounds like everybody is doing so good. And another beautiful little boy. Im so excited. Little Shad is a stud, I can already tell. And Dallin, thank you so much for all the pictures of Clay as well. They were way cute! And Dallin, way to go. You are so close to getting back to Logan. You seriously are the man! Jordy, way to put that 3 in and beat Mt View. That is always way fun. I miss those good times, but are having even better times here! Naes, you never told me you could write poetry, you go girl! Tan, your the man. You basically already have your eagle scout. How was Spencers homecoming? I heard he was coming home from Haley. Its crazy he is already done. The time seriously flies by. Jess and I already hit our 10 month mark.  And of course, Arizona continues to impress. What are they now, 20-0 or something like that! So some exciting news, I got two packages last week!! One of grandmas quilt and the other with a bunch of candy, U of A shirt, ties, all that good stuff. Thank you so much, you are all seriously the best!! Your spoiling me over here! Jess, Ryan Bos is in your district? I remember him well from EFY. I kept in good contact with his roommate that year who also went to cdo because we both ran hurdles. But tell Elder Bos hello for me! Momma, im glad i could help a little bit with your semenary lesson. Let me know if I can do anything else to help!
     Well, the time here in Rodeo de la Cruz just gets better and better! This week was just rediculous. Our goal was the usual 20 lessons for the week, but we just had cita after cita and ended up teaching 32!! A huge miracle! Hermana Videlas and her son Roberto are still doing great! We are teaching the lessons to both of them and her daughter as well. All three of them came to church today and we are wanting to put fechas with them this week! Its way exciting to see them actually keeping their commitments of reading and praying! 
     We are also teaching a 19 year old kid named Bryan. He is the boyfriend of a recent convert, and he is doing awesome as well! We taught him about the gospel of Jesus of Christ last week with his girlfriend and her family. they were all testifying the whole time to him and the spirit was so strong. So we now have a fecha with him for the 8 of Feb. So awesome!
     This past week we recieved a reference from bishop for Rocky, another innactive. He had some financial problems about 10 years back where he went to the bishop for help. But the bishop told him he wouldnt help him becuase he hasnt been paying tithing. So after that he leaft the church and hasnt returned since. So we visited him yesterday, but when we got to his house we found him drunk. He invited us in and was super angry with us and was asking us why we were there and why we were missionaries. He kept going on yelling at us and wouldnt give us a chance to talk. But we finally stopped him and simply told him that we were there because we loved him and wanted to help him. After that he just started crying and we sat there for a few minutes as he cried. Finally he started talking again and told us that he knew he needs to change and that he wants to come to church. Before he never returned to the church because he felt nobody wanted him there. During that 10 year gap, nobody came to visit him until Elder Christensen and I passed by. He just felt alone and that his only friend was his dog. But he now knows that he has Elder Christensen and I as friends and even invited us over to eat an asado for his birthday coming up! So we have another cita set up for him for this week.
    Miracles are so real and day doesnt go by here in the mission field without seeing a some kind of miracle. Weather it be somebody stopping us on the street asking for help and knew that we could help them because we have Christs name on our tags, or something as small of finding somebody in there house when usually they wouldnt be there that day. The mission is an amazing experience and truly is and has been the North Star of my life. Thank you all so much for your love, support, packages, letters, and help. Every little thing helps us missionaries keep going in this important work of Lord. I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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