Monday, January 13, 2014

¡Elder va!

Hello family!
     Sounds like everybody is doing great at home! Clay sounds like a good looking Wengert!! How are the girls doing with basketball and tan man with all of his sports?! Dad, how did you find out about President Goates? That news is going to make me very popular in the mission! But we still have Presidente Ávila until July. But it will be exciting to have a fellow that in common with him! Skylers letter and pictures were so cool, thank you for forwarding that to me! His mission is so green and so different. And all the elders there are huge. Here we have a few big gringos and a bunch of tiny latins pushing the 5 foot mark haha! Trish and Gordon, thank you so much for the Christmas card and letters. All the kids are getting huge. Braman is tearing it up in high school, Jadee is more like a beautiful young girl rather thanthat little girl I remember, and what happened to Natalie? She is so big now. Doesnt seem like that little Natie bum haha! Gordon, sounds like the buisness is going good and that your doing awesome as the bishop. Way to go Che! Arizona continues to kill it!! I seriously love it! And thanks for keeping me somewhat in the loop Dad, Arizona is really the only team I care about right now! So Will Bennnet is coming here to join me in the promised land?! Thats exciting! When does he report to the mtc? And the Gilbert temple is all finished, I cant wait to see that. And any news on the Tucson Temple? Please take advantage of the temples you have so close. Sounds like are, especially with family history as well. I will get to go one time here in Argentina, but right before catching the plane home in about 14 months haha!
    So yes, we recieved transfer calls yesterday. And I am leaving Alvear to go to Rodeo de la Cruz, right next door to Rodeo del Medio! Seriously, only the highway seperates it! So that will be kind of wierd. But there in Rodeo de la Cruz, I will be serving as the District Leader. So crazy! I really was not expecting that. So im a little nervous for that, so please any extra prayers would be wonderful! Im a little sad about leaving Alvear, especially since Leticia Guidoga is doing so good! She came to church yesterday with her less active Mom, and she continues working and progressing everyday towards hir baptismal date for the 25 of enero. But thats alright, I did my part of teaching and helping her out, now Elder Evans and his new comp will follow through to the 25th!
    Yesterday at church was literally so awesome! Of course we had Leticia and her Mom at church, but we had 6 other innactives at church and one of our less acitves that we have been working with for a while gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting! Oh the joys of missionary work!
     It has gotten a little tough with Patricia. She continues to have the strong desire for baptism, but has kept giving us excuses of why she cant get married yet and has to wait. But we have come to learn that she is having difficulties with her husband again and he doesnt want to get married. Agency is so frustrating at times. I just want to chew this guy out and knock some since into him! But I wont, because im a missionary representing Christ. So I will just figure a way to love him to death or algo asi!
      So one thing we are getting really serious about is family history work. President has asked us to havea pedigree chart with us while working that has from us leading up to all of our great grandparents. I have started mine, but when I traveled here to Argentina my suitcases got wet somehow, and the information that I had got kind of ruined. I can read the names but not the birth and death dates. So if you could send me some of that information, I would be so grateful!!
     Grandmp, thank you so much for the email. Im glad to hear Grandpa is recovering quickly. No worries about the packages, and here in argentina the picture of mary doesnt make a difference. And I will get you a picture of a few houses. The type of houses depends where you are. Here in Alvear, there are houses that would be pretty nice houses in the states, but then there are the houses that are in the middle of nowhere that are just one room and a dirt floor. But even the rich houses you will never find carpet. I truly miss that beautiful invention!
      Jess, you sound like a boss over there in Derby. Talking to everybody you see! Satan throws cars and stuff at you, and that doesnt even stop you. Way to go, keep working hard, dont ever stop! You are the best and I love ya!
      Tara jo, Im excited for another nephew! Good luck with the pregnancy, im hoping to hop on and hear about him next pday in Rodeo de la Cruz! Tj, way to go getting accepted into the MHA program. Your the man! Teddi, your always in my prayers. Everthing will work out alright!
    Well I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of your love and support! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9      

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