Monday, February 3, 2014

¡Los milagros de Rodeo!

Hello everybody,
     Wow, the weeks just continue to get better and better here in Rodeo de la Cruz!  Mom, we arent able to get mail delivered to our pench. So just continue sending it to the mission office address! Thank you! Sounds like it was a great, crazy, typical Wengert Week. Jordy, way to go in your basketball game. Sounds like you played great. You too Naes. But im sorry you didnt make it to state. But at least its softball time now for you too. When does that start? Tan Man, your basically a pilot now. Way to go buddy!! Wow, the broncos made it to the superbowl. Brings back some good bronco memories. But too bad they didnt win! That would have awesome. And U of A got knocked down from #1. Thats heartbreaking, but it was kind of bound to happen. They will just have rekill it this March right!! 
     Well this week was just so amazing. Saturday night I crawled into bed soaked in sweat, holding fast to my frozen 2 liter bottle to cool off a little bit, but with the biggest smile on my face. The joy of missionary work is so real. I never have been this happy before. Not after scoaring a touchdown, getting the and 1 to fall in basketball, or sitting in front of a huge plate of steak and smoaked ribs for dinner. The mission truly is the best 2 years for my life.
      Unfortunatly we arent able to baptize Roberto, the son of Familia Videlas, this Saturday because he needs to come to church one more time. But we have been teaching another boy named Gonzalo Quiroga. He is the grandson of a member who recently came back to chruch. But we have been teaching him and we will be baptizing him on Saturday. Also we were at the Familia Vega last Friday where we were teaching Pablo and Bryan, the boyfriends of the 2 Vega daughters. We had a little testimony meeting there and when it got to Pablo he just said ´´I need to get baptized´´. But he wants to wait. So we explained to him how he needs to asist church 2 times before his baptism. And after Bryan asked if he could get baptised with Pablo. So they both attended church yesterday and asked to get baptised this Next sunday after church. So they are super excited for that. We need to do a little more work with them before Sunday, but they are close. So awesome!
      Then last week a random guy walked into church so we went and talked to him. We learned that his name is Leandro, that he is member, attended church as a kid, and now wants to come back. So we went to his house later that week but wasnt there. But yesterday he showed up to church again but with his wife, Molena, and their brand new baby. He asked us to come over this week and start teaching his wife. So crazy. Miracles are happening all over in Rodeo. It just may be Sion haha. I love this area so much. 
    Earlier this week we got to do a little service for Familia Vega and then we ate an asado together after. It was so much fun and the asado was pretty good. 
    Well Im sorry, I also dont have much time today. But Thank you so much for everything. I hope you have a great week. I love you all!

Elder Wengert-W9

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