Monday, January 6, 2014

¡2014 and Baby Clay!

    Dang, what an exciting email session!! Welcome to the fam baby Clay, and congrats Dallin and Amy. He is such a good lookin baby boy! Dang, im just so happy haha! Amy, I hope you recover quickly! Sounds like everything is great though! Dang, mom nice writing on the bathroom wall. It was a little wierd to see a bathtub as well. I think that tub is probably bigger than our whole bathroom! Tan, sounded like you played awesome in your football game. And what do you think you are doing? Your feet are only 1/2 a size smaller than mine!! ¡Que capo! Sounds like Arizona continues to kill it! Won their bowl game (which bowl game was that?), and Arizona basketball. Holy Cow!!! They sound so impressive! They beat both washington schools so that means they are in Pac-12 play now right? Exciting times, both in the mission world and the sports world haha! Nae Nae, go and kill it on JV. It really helped me a lot!
    Well, we had a great New Years here in Alvear. We spent it with the Familia Franco, a younger couple that have to little kids. They both served missions here in Argentina and Hermano Franco plays professional soccer. Which is a big deal here in Argentina. So we had dinner with them and after had a family home evening about setting goals for the next year. It was way fun!!
     Jess, I think its funny how you were talking about how nobody was outside the next day after New Years, so you didnt have anybody to talk to. But the thing is that is kind of like everyday here in Argentina because of the siesta! So just about nobody outside from 1 to about 6ish. It gets super frustrating. I love Argentina and I love the people, but I would love to change the cultural part of the siesta haha.
     We had such an awesome week. Mom, Leticia isnt able to get baptised this saturday, because she hasnt been able to come to church yet. But she is reading the book of mormon and has a super strong desire for baptism. She even has a goal to go the temple a year after. Way awesome! But this week we found Edit Fernandez (the lady who has a son living in St George Utah who is a member). We had been calling and calling and passing by the house for the last 2 weeks. But we saw her working in front of her house and went and talked to her right as her husband arrived. So they invited us in and had an awesome talk with them. They told us that we werent able to get into contact with them because they visited their son in St George for the holidays. While they were there, they visited the Christmas lights at Temple Square, the St George temple, and the house of Brigham Young. And they straight up told us that they felt the spirit very strongly at Brigham Young´s home. And it gets better, they are already reading the book of mormon. How crazy is that!!!!! They werent able to come to church with us yesterday, but we have a cita with them for this week. Super exciting!!
     Yesterday we saw a guy sitting on the side of the road on a slab of concrete just stairing at the ground. So we went on over and talked to him. We learned that his name was Walter and he went on to tell us about how terrible his life is. How he is having some very difficult trials and also bad spirits. So we talked to him about how we are here on the earth with a purpose. To learn how to obtain happiness and joy in this life. So we leaft him with a plan of salvation pamphlet and promised him that if he would read the pamphlet and meet with us, hat we would find that joy and happiness. So we have a cita with him this Tuesday. we walked away for about 10 minutes down the road and felt prompted to go back and leave him with our number. So we went back and he was sitting there really reading the pamphlet through. We gave him our number and you could see how much he already changed from the little bit he read. Already found a little bit more happiness. Truly an amazing experience!
    We are finally starting to get things rolling here in Alvear. We have found some people that look so promising. But this is the last of this transfer, so I could be leaving next week. I have 4 1/2 months here, so its very likely. So we will know this upcoming Sunday.
     Well, last year was a very tough year. But looking back I can truly see the growth that all of us obtained  through our trials and difficult times. I am looking forward to this new year of 2014 to grow some more and better myself. I love you all so much, I love you baby Clay, and hope you all have an amazing week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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