Monday, January 20, 2014

¡Rodeo de la Cruz!

Hello from Rodeo,
    Holy cow, I already love this area. We saw so many miracles this week I dont even have enough time to tell you about them all! But sounds like everything is doing great back at home. Tara jo, come on now, im waiting for news on my new nephew!! Dad, where and how did you get to talk to my new mission president? Im pretty excited to meet him, even though he doesnt come until July. It will be sad to see Presidente Ávila leave, he is seriously the greatest guy ever! I loved Eastons letter, a lot of it reminds me of here! Except luckily we are able to drink the water here. But we still some of the nastiest water ever. But hey, when you are soaked in sweat from the heat, just about anything is great to drink! I still havent seen many pictures of Clay, so please if you could I would love to see a few more pictures. I am so glad to hear Teddi is doing so well! 
     Well I am here in Rodeo de la Cruz no serving with Elder Christensen from Washington. He is a sick kid. Has 6 months in the mission and his spanish is pretty dang good for his time. He is way big kid as well. He is 6´4´´ and 27'0 pounds, but of muscle. He did track at BYU before the mission where he threw shotput. The area is way awesome as well. We are teaching one man named Marcelo. He is living with a less active member, but she has really started coming back to church. Marcelo really wants to get baptised but has to get a divorce and then get married. So he is working on that, but it is a little difficult for him because he got in a moto accident about a month ago where he broke his foot and had to have surgery on it. But the surgeons here arent quite like the ones the states haha. He has some screws in his foot that are literally sticking out of his foot like 3 inches. His foot is super swollen and gross right now. But he is doing what he can!
     So yesterday our bishop invited Presidente Ávila to speak in our ward, and it was so awesome! We had 4 of our own investigators there who got to sit down personally with President and talk to him for a bit. But also a huge miracles. 4 members of our ward brought friends to church because of president speaking. So we got to talk to them and set up return appoitments. Such a miracle! 
     Here we starting working what is called the 5/5/5 plan. Where we recieve 15 inactive names from the ward that we visit and we teach them to try to reactivate them but also to recieve references of family members and friends. Finding to teach and teaching to find. Personally my favorite way of finding! So we visited one family, la familia Videlas. So we went to this house and this lady answers and starts chewing us out hard core. Telling us that we are of the devil and get out of there. Earlier Elder Christensen and I decided to strengthen our love for the people. So we just loved this lady and asked her if she was Hermana Videla and if she was a member of the church. She kind of scowled at us saying yes, but now she was catholic. We found out she was baptised 30 years ago but went innactive right after. She still didnt want anything to do with us and asked us to leave. But before we just asked if we could do anything to help her, she just said ´´well actually maybe just a prayer´´. So we sayed a prayer with her and asked if there was anything else we could do and she replied ´´umm I have a lot of health problems. Can you actually give me one of those blessing where you put the hands on the head´´. So we gave her a blessing and you could just see how she changed. We leaft her with an ivitation to church and headed back to the pench that night. Next day at church there was Hermana Videlas sitting in the back row full of the spirit. We went back to her house last night and met her family. She now wants to return to church and we are teaching her 12 year old son Roberto. Just a huge miracle and an example of the Lord touching the heart of a lost child of God!
     Well I hope you all are able to understand my emails. Im kind of jumping around all over the place and my english just continues to get worse. A little embarrassing haha. But Tara, good luck with the baby this week. Im excited for this little guy to come! Dad, I hope Arizona keeps tearing it up!! Who do they have this week? And I like your changed quote!! Not that yours isnt good Mom, Dads is just a little more accurate haha. Thank you all so much for your love and support. Your help continues to change lives in Argentina. I love you all so much!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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