Monday, December 30, 2013

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

    Man, it was so good to see you all. The best christmas present ever. Presents are overrated anyways right mom. And dont worry Mom, you have no idea how nice it was to have some real candy from the states! Everybody is so grown up. Ty and Levi are seriously so big now. I couldnt believe it. And they both are talking so much. Seriously so cute! I loved watching them ride their little roaler coaster. I need one of those for the pench! Tan Man, you are a stud. I want to see another ring next chrismtas as well haha. Jordan and Janae, stop growing up and getting so dang beautiful. Wait until I get home to beat up those boys!! Dallin, besides those cool scars, it doesnt seem like you were ever in an accident. You seriously looked so good. And I realized that I even missed your teasing a little bit haha! But you better be able to back up all that trash talking on the court when I get home. Im super excited to have these new nephews! Mom, it was just so good to hear your voice, Dad it was so good to see you and have somebody to talk sports with (nobody in my district or zone knows much about sports back in the states haha), but I didnt appreciate your taunting with the cinnamon rolls and rice crispie treats haha. Tj, thank you so much for all of your help with your help with skyping, and Im looking forward to playing some soccer with you when I get back! Oh Dad, you said you havent gotten to see any of the boal games, but did Arizona make it to a bowl game?
    So this week was pretty good. We recieved a reference for a girl named Leticia Quidoga. All of her family are members and innactive. For a long time the dad wouldnt let anybody go to church. But they just got a divorce with him and now the mom wants to return to church, Letecia is the 20 year old daughter that in one way or another got skipped and didnt get baptized. But she promised her grandmother before she passed away that she would get baptized. we taught her about baptism and put a baptismal date with her for the 11 of january. And she even has a goal to go to the tample a year after her baptism. So super exciting. But during the lesson we had with her, I had one of the biggest temptations of my mission. Her older brother was watching tv in the smae room as us, and sportscenter came on with basketball highlights. Dang, what a test of obedience. Luckilly I was teaching at the time and just kept focused on the lesson and the brother turned it off before I finished. Way crazy.
    I had exchanges this past week with one of our zone leaders named Elder Yao. He was born in China and lived there for 18 years but then moved to Buenos Aires and lived in a Chinese neighborhood there with his cousin. He met the missionaries there, was baptised, and year later was called here on a mission. But he never learned spanish until here on the mission. It is super tought to understand him at times. Just picture a super heavy asian accent mixed with spanish. But a way sick kid and a great missionary. It was a way fun exchange and I learned a lot!
    Patricia is still doing great. Having a few difficulties with gettting her married because the place to get married is closed for the whole month of January. So she cant get a date set up for her wedding until February. So there is a good chance that I could be leaving Alvear before then since I already have 4 months here!
   Well, Im excited for this new year. I will be beginning my black year (being here for the whole year of 2014). Jess Im sorry  that you have to be in by 6. We get to be out until 11:45 as long as we are in a house with members and recieve a ride home with the members. It was the same with Christmas Eve as well!
    Well, thank you all so much for everything. I love you all and happy new years!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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