Monday, February 23, 2015

  Well here we are, just one week closer. I cant believe it!! But im happy to hear that everything is going well with everybody!! Tan Man, happy birthday last week!!! Naes, keep working hard. That sounds like a fun trip you are working towards!! And Jordy, im looking forward to watching some of your softball games!! Oh Mom, Alcanzando lo más alto means ´´reaching the highest´´. Just so that you know! Dad, you can do whatever plans for my homecoming. I am fine with anything, just let me know next monday (since it will be my last time emailing) all the details about what is going to happen so i can let others know! 
  Well, this was another great week. First of all I had my final interview with President Goates last Wednesday. It was seriously incredible. I truly believe a huge part of your mission is who your mission president is and the impact he has on your life. We had a great talk for almost 2 hours, and he gave me counsil on just about anything from school up to the secrets of having a successful marriage. Very interesting. And then this week we got to meet with Betty. She is just the sweetest and the most loving old lady ever. Right in the middle of our lesson as we were teaching about the restauration, she just burst into tears because her dog is sick haha. But she absolutley loves the church and everything about it, except for the fact that we dont belive in the Virgen Mary and the Difunta Correa (other catholic saint here in Argentina. They have way too many haha). But she knows the church is true and she knows she will get baptised soon. She kept telling us ´´but elders, im catholic........for now´´ haha. Unfortunatly i wont be able to be here for when that time comes, but everything works out in the Lords time and in His way!! So she really is prepared, we just need to help get rid of those few doubts that she has. Enzo and Valeria love everything that we are teaching them and they are so happy to be able to teach these things to their son. But the only thing is that we cant get them to come to church. Well Valeria wants to come, but she doesnt want to come alone. Enzo says he is afraid of coming and feels embarrassed to come. So we are going to try something new this Sunday and cook them breakfast in their house for them so that they get up, and then afterwards we will all walk together to church!! So hopefully it all works out!! Lets go Enzo!! Well, other than that everything is going great here!! Sorry its a little short today. We been having some problems with the computers.
   But thank you all so much, have a great week, and I love you!!

Elder Wengert - W9

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