Monday, February 9, 2015

Miracles Happen!!

    Hello from Retrio!! Arizona sounds beautiful right now. Some rain every now and then making it greener and starting to change to spring. My favorite time of the year!! In the mean time, we are still burning up here. But hey, its all good! Jordy and Naes, good luck this week with your first play off game. Go get um!! Naes, so you decided to do track! That is exciting and i know you will do great!! I cant get over that picture of Beau, she is adorable. No wonder those photographers wanted a picture of her!! Mom, way to look for those missionary opportunities. You are the best!! And Dad, thank you so much for all of your counsil and guidance. I have been a little worried about some those things, so thank you!
    Well, during this past week we had some ups and downs. To start out, on Tuesdsay we had to travel to Mendoza for a trainers meeting with President Goates. As we were boarding the bus I realized I didnt have my scriptures with me, but that i had left them in a little store we stopped at. Some we ran over there super fast but they werent there. I had lost my scriptures that i have used for my whole mission. 23 months full of personal growth and progression. I seriously was so sad about. The whole rest of the week I was praying and praying for help to find them. It came to the point that i recieved the impression that its not the scriptures itself that are important, but the teachings they contain. So taking that as the answer the Lord had for me, i got another triple from the offices and got to work studying. Honestly, it may have been the best week of studies i have had in my mission. There were so many little things calling out to me that i never realized before and my testimony took giant leaps. And then last night, our zone leaders called and gave me the great news that a member in the other stake found my scriptures in the middle of the road in San Juan Centro (the city part of San Juan). So later today I will be getting them back. To many people this may have been a coincidence, but to it is a true miracle. Evidence that Lord answers prayers, and He does it in many ways. I feel like He first answered my prayers with that impression to get to work and study. There was something special He wanted me to learn from that experience, and He lead me to find out. Then after, knowing how much my original scriptures meant to me, answered my prayers once again and help His child find what was lost. How amazing it is to know we have a loving Father in Heaven who listens to His children and is willing to guide them! 
   Last monday we had a great lesson with Dolores where she was so excited for her baptism. She told us ´´Elders, when I get baptized, I want to get baptized using a white dress and a white flower right here on my wrist´´. We answered back saying ´´I think we can handle that haha´´. But then on Friday we had another lesson with her. We were teaching the Word of Wisdom since she needs to quit smoking, and her husband entered the home. He got pretty angry that we were there and took Dolores outside behind the house and made her wash the clothes. We sat there waiting for her but after 15 minutes of waiting we left a note for her and decided to leave. Yesterday, she wasnt able to come to church either because of her husband. So we arent exaclty sure what is going to happen. But we know that the Lord has everything under control and that it will all work out in the end according to His will. But if you could keep Dolores in you prayers I would really appreciate it! We also havent been able to find Enzo or Valeria in the house for over a week. So things are still a little difficult here in Retiro, but Ricardo is doing great. He came to church again yesterday. And he now wants us to teach his son who isnt a member. So we will see what happens there. Well, thank you all so much for everything. I love you and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Wengert - W9

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