Monday, February 2, 2015


   Well, once again here i am writing you guys. How crazy is that, but time flies while we are having fun!! Im way happy to hear that Jeff Carranza got his mission call. He is now in for quite the adventure haha! Im glad to hear that your 72 hour kits are all finished up. Just this morning we felt a nice little earthquake here in San Juan. The floor shaked a little bit and a few things fell from above the cabnents. Nothing too big or scary, but those kits are important. Tan Man, your blue hair sounded pretty dang cool, and you sound like quite the baller. You should probably teach me how to play when i get home. I havent had very many chances to play these past 2 years haha! Naes, so you are thinking about doing track? I honestly dont know what you should do. I know you love softball a lot, and i loved track. Im sure that you will do very well at whichever one you chose!! Dad, after seeing you all attempting to speak spanish on skype, i could only imagine you there in the spanish branch. But hey, atleast you speak a little better than Mom haha!
   Well this week we had quite the problem of our appoitments falling through, but other than that is was a great week. For the past 3 weeks we have been teaching a woman named Dolores after she stopped us in the street one day and asked us to visit her innactive mother who is quite old and has some health issues. The whole time we have been teaching her she wasnt really willing to do anything. But this past week we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and as we were teaching about baptism and explaining the importance of following the example that Christ gave us and be baptised in that way and by somebody with the authority to do so, it just clicked for her and is now working towards her baptismal date on the 28 of February. She was so exciting afterwards that she asked ´´so what time will my baptism be at?´´, we just told her that we will plan the details when it gets a little closer haha! Because of the work schedule of Enzo and Valeria, we werent able to meet with them this week. But they are reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and we have an appoitment set up with them for this week! Another great miracle we saw this week was with the less-active members we have been working with. 5 of them came to church on Sunday for the first time for years. One of them, Ricardo Gallardo, is about 75 years old and had a stroke a few years ago leaving the left side of his body just about useless. But on Sunday, the member that was supposd to pass by for him never showed up. So Hermano Ricardo set out on his own and made the 45 minute walk to church (well like 5 minutes for us, but 45 for him haha). It was so great to see him make those efforts to get to church. Whatever it took, he would be there. What a great attitude that we all need. No matter what happens, i will live the gospel!! A great lesson learned!
   Well, thank you all so much for everything. I hope you have a great week and I love you all!!

Elder Wengert - W9

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