Monday, February 16, 2015

Its Gameday!!!

   Wow, I dont even know where to start! Tan, im sorry about your wrist bud. But your right, its all for the love of the sport. Through my years of sports i got banged up quite a bit. Had to use quite a few braces, slings, a boot, who knows what else haha. But looking back it was worth every second of it. But you know, its a lot like the gospel of Jesus Christ. During this life we also get banged up quite a bit. Every day is gameday. We may get hurt a bit, but thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we have been given the healing process necessary to get back on the court/field. What a perfect plan the Lord has truly given to us! Jordy and Naes, it sounds like you are playing really well. And good luck ´with your first state game! Dad, thank you so much for your talk. Your talks have always been the best! And Mom, I cant believe you got to meet Albert (what is his real name haha?) and that he came to seminary. That really is incredible! Oh and for the place to eat at when i get back, im thinking mexican food haha. And I remember that with the older kids we always ate at Mecayos. But I am down for anything! Oh, and Congrats to Dallin Miller. He will tear it up there in Mexico!!
   Well this was another great week. Unfortunatly things are still a little tough with Dolores. We still havent been able to get in with her since the incident with her husband. We have passed by quite a few times and every time she has a different excuse. I believe she is afraid of what her husband will say or do. Thank you so much for the prayers in her behalf, and if you could, please keep them coming! But we had another great miracle happen yesterday. We arrived at the church and there inside was a member waiting for us. But she was waiting with one of her friends named Betty to introuce to us. Betty loved church and is now wanting to learn a little more. So this afternoon we have an appoitment set with her. We know she is very catholic, along with most of Argentina haha, but she is super nice and really wants to learn more. Hermano Ricardo is doing so great and has really seen the difference since he began to come to church again a month ago. We havent been able to teach his son Eliam yet, but we should be able to this week.
    Oh Mom, i forgot to tell you that last week i recieved the christmas package from your seminary class. Thank you so much! Well, im sorry but time is just about up. Its gameday, so i better get to work. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert - W9

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