Monday, July 28, 2014

What a week!!!

   First of all....Dad, happy birthday!!!! I couldnt ask for a better father and example in my life! I hope you have a great day!!! But just one question, what is a ´´bullet´´? Oh and thanks everybody for rubbing the navajo tacos in my face haha! But man, those do sound so good! Those kids better enjoy getting dragged out of bed at 6 to go play some ball, i would love to do that! And im awake 30 min later anyways so doesnt make a huge difference haha! So Shelby is home now. That is crazy, seems like she just left. But tell her and Tim hi for me! Oh and Dad, that hotdog i was eating is called a ´´poncho´´. Not really sure why its named that. So sorry but no they dont call it a meter dog! Tan Man, dont worry about your heart murmer. I have one too and have never had any problems with it! But i hope it works out so you can go tear it up on the football field! Oh, so in dads birthday picture, i saw Dan in the pic. How is he doing? Is he still going strong in the church? Hey Dad, so my bishops wife is from the Alvarez family. She said trace only came over one time for a family night but that she was taught by Elder Beserra and Elder Bagley. Mom dont worry, i had a great birthday. Elder Willard made pancakes for breakfast that morning and the hermanas in our district baked me a cake since we had district meeting that day. Plus i already had my calender, so i was perfectly content! Thank you so much again for that birthday package. It was perfect (plus it got here as well!!!).
     So this was a busy week for me! So many miracles in our district that we all saw and ended up having 5 baptisms in our district (the zone leaders baptised a family of 4 and the hermanas baptised one more little boy). And of course being the district leader i had to do all of the baptismal interviews. So i was running around doing those plus trying to find baptismal clothes for them all since they couldnt find enough in their church building. Then they asked me to play the piano at the baptism and for a musical number that the hermanas were singing. But i actually enjoyed that. I now kind of just soak up and take advantage of the chances i get to play the piano (thanks Mom). But in the end, they all got baptised and comfirmed, making it all worth it! Oh, and one thing that i loved about the baptism was that 2 of the members of the family that got baptised were baptised by 2 recent converts from the last year. The first one is a man that moved here from Korea, met a lady and they were living together before the missionaries found them. After being taught they got married and them plus their 2 daughters were baptised. Now in October they are going to the temple to get sealed as a family. The other was a 17 year old kid named Leandro. Before accepting the gospel, he was hard core in a gang, selling drugs, basically just doing anything an everything illegal haha. But about a year ago the missionaries found him, he dropped everything, made a complete change, and is such a strong member. He literally talks to everybody he knows and even people on the street because he just wants everybody to learn about the gospel. Miracles are so real and i cant even begin to tell you how many i have seen during my mission.
   Then to end a great week, BelĂ©n came to church and loved it. All of the hermanas from the relief society were so accepting and were just loving her to death. She is progressing so well for the 9th right now. She is just so prepared and has such strong desires to know her Father in Heaven just a little bit more. So yea, a great week if i would say so myself. But I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing week. ¡Chao!

Elder Wengert-W9

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