Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola mis amores,
    Sounds like a great 4th of July for everybody. Painting and painting and painting. And who put my sweet Beau in all of the paint (even though she still looked adorable covered in it haha). We got to celebrate a little bit by drinking a few cokes (coca cola is huge here and so much better than the coke in the states) and then that night Elder Willard and I bought hamburgers to end the day. We had to get something american. Then we are celebrating a little bit more today! Dad, so it was Uncle Trace that served in Chile! We will be passing by bishops house tonight and ill ask her more about it then. That is awesome!! Mom, im sorry you are stuck in that boot. I know exactly how you feel. How long do you have to wear it for? Jordy and Naes, I want to hear more about EFY! And i love how braman got to go as well. I remember getting to go to EFY a few times with Easton. Great memories! So yes, somehow Argentina keeps winning. So everybody is going crazy about it. Even certain meetings with ward members are scheduled around the world cup. And im with you dad, I dont know how messi does what he does when he is so small. But what can i say ´´¡que capo!´´ ¨(what a stud). At first i was bummed out when the states lost. But i realized it was probably for our own good. If we played argentina and won, we would probably have to stay in the pench cooped up for atleast a week. Futbal is life here and if they got knocked out of the world cup by the US, they would really want to do some damage to us gringos haha!
     So one of the most influential people in my life is now gone. He went on home to Buenos Aires. But promised us that when we finish the mission and go through the Buenos Aires temple before going home (mission tradition here) him and his wife will meet us at the temple and do a session with us. He really is amazing! So we now have President Goates here with us. I still havent met him, but we are having a conference with him tomorrow morning. So i am way excited for that! I have heard a lot of good things about him though. So what a huge blessing it will be to have one more influential man to add onto my huge list. And from Arizona where i will be able visit him sometime.
    This week may have been one of the hardest weeks of my mission so far. Every single one of our appoitments that we had fell through and we only taught a total of 3 lessons. Two of them with less active members and the other with a drunk guy that wanted us to bless his house haha. We had been working so hard, but nothing had been going for us. Saturday night we went to an appoitment with a woman named Cecilia and her husband Pablo. Cecilia let us inside and right as we were about to sit down, her husband came around the corner just letting us have it. ´´What are you doing in my house without my permission! I am the man of the house! Get out and dont come back!!!´´. And that was kind of the last straw for me. I was absolutley devestated. Elder Willard and I just walked in silence most of the way to the pench. When we got back we sat down and had a good talk trying to figure out what we could do. And we kind of created a new game plan. But sunday us district leaders had a meeting with the zone leaders and there they shared with us President Ávilas last message to the mission coming home. It was focused on Jacob 5 about the Lord of the vineyard and his servant. In verses 41 and 47, the Lord of the Vineyard was crying and asking what more could he have done for his vineyard, but it still didnt give off good fruit. That was exactly how I had been feeling. What more could I do for my area? We have been working so hard and doing everything, but yet we werent having any success. Then it ends in verse 75 talking about working with dilegence and how blessed we will be to participate in this great work. Exactly what i needed to hear! I just thought it was truly amazing how much guidance and help i have recieved from President Ávila, even until the day he left! This week has now been one of the greatest weeks of my mission because of how it was full of personal growth and progession.
    I hope you all have an amazing week and i will hear from you next week. I love you all so much!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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