Monday, August 4, 2014

This great work!!!

   Well hello everybody!!! Hey Jess, happy last week on the miss! Work hard and push through that finish line! It´s like that last straight away of the 400 in track. You love it but you hate it!! Tan, glad to hear your heart is doing great! Good luck in Middle school. Go tear it up you big bad 7th grader. Jordy and Naes, sorry but you cant get be looking too beautiful at school alright! But for now on, ill pick your outfits alright! Dad, i would also like to challenge you as well! We will got to LA and first play some racketball to warm up, head over to the courts to ball it up a bit, and then end on the field playing some fútbol haha! Mom, hope your foot is doing better and let me know if i can do anything at all to help you with seminary. I am here at your service!
     Well now since Jess is heading home, that means that im here starting the 4th quarter. Belén is still doing great, so i guess we will start off this 4th quarter with a bang! Belén had her baptismal interview last week so that we could announce her baptism yesterday in church. I love how the members, especially the hermanas in the ward, have really accepted her so full heartedly and are so excited for her! Kind of a funny story though. We had just finished the baptismal interview for Belén and we were explaining a few more things to her. So i was teaching to her and her 2 year old nephew, Carlitos, cames up and throws his toy at me nailing me right between the eyes haha. It hurt pretty bad actually, but lets be honest, that was a pretty dang good shot for a 2 year old!!
     Probably the biggest miracle we saw this week was finding a man named Bruno. Elder Willard and i were walking to a cita in kind of a far neighborhood. But we were already late so we were walking pretty fast and Bruno rode his bike next to us and i got a thought to talk to him. But dumb me just shrugged it off since we were running late. Luckilly the Lord gave us a second chance, and Bruno made the move this time. He stopped his bike and yelled over to us ´´Hey Elders!! Do you happen to have a Book of Mormon that i can read?´´. I dont think we had ever moved so fast. We basically went full speed to him thinking ´´come on now, of course we do´´. So we talked to him for a bit and found out that his isnt a member, but his mother in law is and she lives in....Tucson Arizona!! I was so suprised. So Dad, i may pass her name on to you when i have to see if you happen to know her. Probably not, but you never know!! So yes, i learned my lesson this time. Act upon the spirit no matter the cercumstances. The Lord knows best! Im just grateful that he was able to still use me in that moment to do his great an marvelous work! 
    Thank you so much for all of your endless love, letters, packages, and support. I love you all so much and i love this gospel!

Elder Wengert-W9

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