Monday, February 17, 2014

Miracles all over the World!!

    Sounds like everybody is doing great. Naes, way go making it on varsity softball. The Wengert Duo killing it in softball as well!! Jordy, you still reping that 2? Tan Man, happy birthday tomorrow. Your already 12, thats so crazy. Hope your party is super fun and you have a great time going to the temple! Dad, I loved your dog enalagy. If only all the dogs here were that excited to see us missionaries. And it doesnt help that they are everywhere. But luckily I havent been bitten yet!! Dally Boy, you are now back at Logan! Way to go man, Im proud of you!
      Well this week was kind of an interesting change. It cooled off quite a bit because it was raining for 4 days straight (which doesnt happen very often here). But it got pretty crazy. We leaft a house of an innactive family Saturday afternoon, and everything was so flooded. The asakias (Argentines ditch/garbage/sewage system) overflowed all into the streets and everywhere. We had another cita we had to get to that was a 40 minute walk away and no buses go out that way. So we walked all the way over there literally in water almost to our knees (Im not exagerating one bit haha). By the end of the night we were soaking wet. I still have clothes and my shoes drying out!! But it was a nice little change form the heat. We didnt even have to sleep with the fan and our frozen water bottles! But the heat has returned, but its not quite as bad. I think its going to start cooling off a little now!
      Another nice thing about this time of year right now is that it´s grape season. Which means all of the vineyards are full of delicous grapes. We love when we are out in the campo working and walking down the dirt roads next to the vineyards. We stop every once in a while and have a nice little snack. It´s so awesome!!
     Now for the great news. We had an awsome baptism Saturday with Pablo and Bryan. We worked so much with them last week where they totally quit drinking and smoking. They were so excited for their baptism. I got to baptise Bryan and give the talk on baptism, and Elder Christensen baptised Pablo and gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome day. But the biggest miracle of it all was how all of the familys of both Pablo and Bryan came to the baptism. Afterwords the little 10 year old brother of Bryan, named Gabriel, was so excited and came up to us with his Mom and telling us about how he wants to get baptised now. So we have a cita with Gabriel tonight and Bryan is now preparing to recieve the priesthood so he can baptise Gabriel. I love seeing the gospel change and bless families like this. 
     Also I recieved news of another miracle here in the mission. Leticia Quiroga, my investigator that Elder Evans and I were teaching back in Alvear, got baptised this past weekend as well. There are seriously miracles happening all over the world. At home, here in Argentina, and in England with Jess and her investigators. This truly is the work of the Lord and he guides us servants to those prepared for the gospel.
     Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week.

Elder Wengert-W9

PS- Momma, I recieved news that I have a package in the office waiting for me. Thank you so much. I will get it Friday since we have interviews with Presidente Ávila then!

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