Monday, February 24, 2014

The best days of my life!!!

   Holy cow, another week has flown by!! Its already almost March and we just ended another transfer here in Rodeo. Elder Christensen and I are both staying. So we are excited to continue to work here in Zion. Everything is great at home!! Tan Man, you are 12 now. Goodbye primary. You are now a big bad deacon. Oh yea!! When will you have the chance to go to the temple? Your party sounded awesome! We will have to have a little paint ball war when I get back. So you better be practicing. Jordy, who asked you to prom? Is there enough room for one more? haha. Sounds like softball is going good for you Jordy and Naes. When do games start up? Dad, there is no sangria here. I really wish! But we have like 6 mexicans in the zone. So we are going to get together one day for p-day this transfer to make tacos and horchata!! Teddi, I loved your email. And yes, I feel Argentine at times. It just seems wierd now how back at home you can actually go to the store at 4 in the afternoon or sitting inside with air conditioning. Keep an eye on Dev for me haha! Oh momma, I actually got 3 packages last week. Oh yea!! So Aunt Lisa, thank you so much for the Hollaween package. At times I forget how great American candy is. And your packages always come at the right time. My last razor blade was just going dull. Dally Boy, you were my secret sib. Thank you so much for the present. It was perfect! Im just full of Wildcat stuff to rep now. Its awesome! And then Momma, I got my other christmas package as well. Thank you so much. I get spoiled here! Oh Jordy, I got a letter from one of your friends named Tory. Thank her for me. Mail of anykind is so wonderful! 
    Well this week was full of service. From all of the rain last week we worked quite a bit patching up roofs (yes houses here are very poorly built). We even had to build our ladder to use to clinb up. But it was way fun!! I love getting out of the proselyting clothes and getting dirty at times! 
   Mom, we were not able to get in with Gabriel last week. Even as a 10 year old, he works quite a bit to help his family. But we have a cita with him tonight that we are looking forward to! But this week we worked a lot with a family called familia Paez. The missionaries worked with them in the past but couldnt get them to progress and keep commitments. The mom is a member, inactive, but has 3 children that want to get baptized. But we were able to pass by for them before church and the mom and the 3 kids (Hector, Juliana, and Xixia) all came to church with us. They are a great family but working a lot in the fields. They are way poor. There is about 15 of them living together in the one room house about the size of the living room. Its kind of sad, but they are such a happy and humble family. 
    Pablo and Bryan are doing great still! They talked to Bishop last sunday about preparing to recieve the priesthood. Bryan is excited to baptize his brother Gabriel and Pablo is hoping that his Mom will recieve the gospel so that he can baptize her as well!! They are just studs! We even got to cut Pablos hair and get rid of his wierd rat tail thing haha. Next is getting rid of their facial piercings (there is a lot of wierd haircuts and piercings here). But bishop told them they need to take them out to get the priesthood.
    Jess, sounds like your area is starting to boom!! 7 on baptismal dates. Sounds like your mission spreads on over to Asia and Africa as well. That is so cool. Keep up the good work sis. I want pictures of these baptisms. Oh and yes, I may be a little jealous that you got to visit batmans mansion. Pretty dang awesome!
    Well im sorry this one is little shorter but we have to get going. Thank you all for everything. I couldnt ask for a better family. Seriously! I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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