Monday, December 2, 2013


     Im not going to lie, to me it does not feel like December at all. Im not supposed to be sweating to death when its only a few weeks away from Christmas. But its all good, all part of the mission experience. But Dad, we actually will be able to skype from here for christmas. So I will need to your skype name and stuff! Sounds like it was an amazing Thanksgiving for everybody. Those pies look so delicious haha! We didnt get to do anything for Thanksgiving, just a antoher day in the field. But its fine because we have christmas in less than a month!! And to top off your week with going to the temple!! So awesome. Really miss going to the temple. But I will get to do a session in Buenos Aires before I came home. So only 16 months haha! But the temple experience is always so much sweeter when you have family names, and the the work of family history is so important. There wasnt too much of it going on here since they would have to travel all the way to Buenos Aires or to Santiago Chile. But lately the stake here, Estaca San Rafael, has really bumped it up. Its been way cool to see. Jordy and Naes good job with your tournament. Sounds like you did pretty good. And speaking of basketball, Arizona beat Duke!! That is sick!! haha. Sounds like the cats should a good season! Oh, and that movie, the Saravo Approach, sounded pretty interesting. Dont worry, we are pretty safe here haha! Dad, sorry you dont have much help with the lights this christmas. Tan Mans got it, he is a stud! And sounds like the tree looks way awesome. We will be getting our Christmas tree soon! Well i got a few letters this week. And first, please thank Sister Bruse! She is the sweetest lady ever. I got 5 letters from her, and she writes me every week. She asked if she could be added onto my emailing group so can you please get me her email. And then i got a package from Sister McKinley from the ward, letters from the relief society. So please thank her and the RS!
     Oh, so we got our transfer calls last night and im staying here in Alvear for another transfer, and with Elder Evans. So I will get to spend Christmas here with my boy haha!
     Well one morning this week we woke up to the sound of raining, but i looked outside to nothing. So we went outside of the pench and one of our water pipes had broken and water was spraying everywhere haha. So i went outside and was able to repair. I came back inside feeling like Fix it Felix, but it only lasted like 15 minutes and it broke again. And because of how argentina works, we couldnt get somebody to come fix it until after the siesta. So that menas that guy came at like 7 to fix it. So that water was poaring out all day because turning off the water would shut off the water to the whole complex. So now it looks like we have a little swamp in the little back yard we have. I half expect an alligator to come jumping out of it at times!
       We had a pretty good week this week and had some great and powerful lessons. First we are still working with Tito. He is doing much better than before and continues to progress every lesson. Except he was a little confused when we taught him the law of chastity and kept saying, Elders im 65 years old and live with my sister, I wont have any problems with this haha. It was pretty funny. He has gotten a little better with the smoking but is still at like 12 each day. Way better than the 60 before. But we just need to crack down on him at get him to drop the last bit. He has a fecha for the 21 of december (yes mom, that means a baptismal date). So dad, we have good chances for a white christmas. Even with how hot it is here!
      We had a pretty crazy lesson yesterday with a less active family, the Familia Lopez. Well actually just with Hermano Lopez. We have been working with them for while and just dont want to do anything. But we felt pretty strong that we needed to just be firm with him. So we told him that he was not a good example for his family and asked him what he was doing. We went on and talked about how Christ was the light of the world, and how now he needed to be this same light for his family and especially for his children. It was the first time and have been so stern with somebody like that and i was pretty nervous about this lesson. But he really took it in and was even crying during the lesson. He said that he was now going to be that example and be better for his family. It just shows how it always works out if we follow the spirit.
      Patricia is also doing very well. she will be finishing up her papers this week for marriage, which means baptism right after. She is seriously an amazing lady. Probably one of the strongest members we have in our branch, and she isnt even baptized haha! So im super excited for her. So once again Dad, snow is in the forecast to make a white christmas.
      Mom, good look with semanary and your talk. Preperacion will always cause the spirit to guide your thoughts. thank you all for everything. I love you all so much and I look forward to seeing all of your faces in a few weeks. Have a great week, love you!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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