Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just another day in paradise!!

Hello everybody,
       First, im sorry that all of you didnt get an email from me yesterday. We found out late last week that we had Zone Conference yesterday down in San Rafael with Presidente. So because of that we have pday today! Sorry if you freaked out a little Mom. I kind of enjoyed picturing it though and getting a good little laugh about it! So sounds like a crazy week. And Grandpa is in my prayers for sure!! So here, we are 4 hours ahead of you guys. So I sure hope we can end up doing a 3 way skype. That would be amazing! But what is your skype name? And right now I have one package, but im sure more are on there way! No we dont have a tree yet, but soon. I am determined to bring some kind of lights here. Nobody uses Christmas lights here because of how hot it arleady is. Oh speaking of heat, we were able to get a fan for the pench, so you dont need to send me one! Sounds like the Christmas devotional was awesome. We didnt get to watch it here because it didnt start until 10:00. I really wish I could have though. Dang, U of A is number 1. That is so awesome!! I would love it if they could go all the way this season!
       Well, the Zone conference was amazing yesterday! President spoke to us about how missionary work is like a train. We must use the Holy Ghost, prayer, the Book of Mormon, asisting church, and our desire to find (all of these principles were a different cart). And baptism with conversion was the caboose. And the conductors of the train werent just us missionaries, but the ward council as well. It is so important to work with the members. (jess, that is so awesome how much you are working with the members in your ward. It is super hard for use here. Our branch isnt very strong. But we have really focused on strengthing the members and the branch is doing better now). But if we leave one of those principles out, that conversion is leaft behind and that train has broken. He was able to explain it a lot better than I can. And then our mission here has really started to focus using mormon.org. I dont know how it is for you jess, but here we now are being offered one hour a week to get onto mormon.org as a companionship to look for things to use for our investigators. And to make our on spanish profile to share with people.
      This week was both super tough but super rewarding at the same time. First, one thing that we have been struggling with is finding new investigators. So Saturday we set out to find news. Talking with everybody (which during the siesta is just about nobody, it´s rediculous)! But we talked to this older lady. We learned that she couldnt speak or hear. So we took out our agendas and we talkd to her about the restauration by writing sentences out. And in the end she was interested and asked us to come back. Its going to be super difficult, but with lord, anything is possible. We ended up finding 4 more news that day. Truly a miracle! And two of them is and older couple named Amalia and Muño. Both of them are about 80 years old. But they are just the sweetest couple ever and we have a return appoitment with them for tomorrow!
     But like I said, this week was tough as well. We taught Tito again saturday night and told us that he only believes in God when we are there, but when we arent he thinks the Lord is a bad guy because he allowed his mom to pass away from lung cancer after smoking her whole life. So we tried teaching him about agency and how we are given difficult trials to grow. And that in the end, the Lord knows us personally and knows what is best for us. But he ended up telling us the he wasnt interested anymore not to come back. So hard. I just wanted to cry right there in front of him. We had learned to love this guy so much and we know how much he can be blessed if he will just accept our message and the Lord as his father in heaven. But in the end, he has his own agency.
      But Patricia is doing great! She should find out the date of their wedding this week (they cant pick here, it gets assigned). So then we can finally put a fecha with her. She is super excited!
     Well this is an exciting time of year, no matter where you are. The birth of Christ changed the world, now we need to accept it and let it change our lives personally. Next week we have our mission christmas conference in Mendoza. Im super excited. I will get to see Elder Varney for the first time since I leaft New Hampshire. But no matter how much fun this holiday is, we need to always keep the name of Chirst written in our hearts and always remember the type of love the had for us!
       I love you all so much!! Be safe I cant wait to see you all on skype. Have a great week and I will talk to you next week. ¡Feliz Navidad!

Elder Wengert-W9

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