Monday, October 7, 2013

What a week!

    Wow what a week, seriously!! Conference was seriously so great! There was us three gringo Elders in another room watching it in English on a little TV. But the connection was pretty bad, so it was a little fuzzy, but all good. We got to watch all of the sessions, even though the priesthood session didnt start until 9 here. But President Avila gave all of us Elders permission to stay out a little bit longer. I loved the talk by Elder Funk of the 70 because he shared the story of the missionary from Napol. If you remember back when I was serving in New Hampshire, about 80% of our investigators were from Napol and we baptised Prakash Rasaily from Napol as well. It is difficult for all of the members from Napol because they dont even have the Book of Mormon translated in their native language. Some of them know a little bit of Hindue and can read a little bit from the scriptures in that language. But I llearned to love that people so much. They are the most humble and loving people I have ever met! I also loved the talk of President Uchtdorf about the less actives and how he said if a hypocrite is someone who doesnt perfectly follow what we believe, we are all hyprocrites. Then lastly the talk by President Monson about his wife. He is such a loving man and truly a prophet of God. I loved when he said about his wife ´´she was truly an angel of god´´. My goal for now is to have that same love for the people here in Argentina.
       Well this past week on Friday we did a lot service. We went from one service project to another, adn them to another haha! One was for a less active family in the branch, Familia Bravo. But we cleaned this huge pile of trash, rubbish, and basura haha. But it was pretty grose. This pile has been building up for at least the past 15 years. And part of it was even a car! So us four missionaries (Elder Flores from Mexico, Elder Smith from Mesa, Elder Vientemilla from Spain, and I) had to flip this car around and role it about 50 yards to the back of the yard. The car was pretty rusted and old so a lot of the wieght had long fallen off, put dont get me wrong. This thing was pretty hard still. I felt I was back in football season flipping the tires haha. But it was fun as well. And then they had this huge pile of wine bottles that they said they were planning on recylcing, but that will probably be building up for the next 10 years as well haha! But I seriously love doing service. A chance to get out of the proselyting clothes and get a little dirty haha!
      Well a family emergency happened this week keeping Patricia from finishing the paperwork and getting married this week. And the papers are taking usual as planned, so it may be a couple of weeks until she ends of getting married. But Patricia did attend General Conference yesterday with her 3 daughters. She absolutely loved it and it was huge for her. She is literally a golden investigator. She is more than prepared for baptism, we just need to get her married.
      I hope you all have an amazing week. Continue studying the teachings from conference, and more importantly live them each and every day. I love you all so very much and are so grateful for you all. I look forward to your emails next week. love you!!

Elder Derek Wengert-W9

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