Monday, October 21, 2013

Is it really the end of another transfer?!!

Hello from Argentina,
      First of all, Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!! No, im not crazy and the heat here is not getting to me! Here in Argentina Mothers Day was yesterday haha! So you got to spend it in California with you family and most important mom, with Grandma Allen. But sounds like everything else is going great at home!! Jordan and Janae, why were you starving? There is so many things you could have made at home! That is one thing I have learned being out. At home I always thought we never had anything to eat when I was home alone. But in reality we had 10x as much food as I have in fridge right now and I could have cooked so many different things. But its ok, I was the same way haha! Sounded like the cattle drive was way fun. Man, what I would do for a big boul of chile right now. Argentines are kind of wimps and cant handle anything spicy haha. And I have been desiring to ride a horse lately since we have seen a lot of gouches (argentine cowboys) riding around in the campo. But there saddles dont look very comfy and are kind of pathetic haha. But Im still jealous of all of you who went on the cattle drive. Mom, sounds like it was a good time in California as well. Kimberly, it sure is a privelage to have the name of Christ over our hearts every day here in the mission field. Having the oppurtunity to share what we know to be true and sharing the miracle of the gospel of Jesucristo. Oh Jess, I recieved your letter this week. I am putting your letter in the mail tody. So be expecting a letter in the next few weeks. Thank you so much, but no making fun of my english. Its tough when you speak spanish 24/7 and trying to transition over to english again. i am always forgetting words in english its stuff. Its pretty sad haha!
      Well this week was really good, but also a little tough as well because Elder Flores had to go to Mendoza for Visa things. But I stayed here and worked with the Elders who work in the other side of Alvear. So we kind of switched around working in my area and in their area as well. But we got to work some more with Patricia this week. She continues working on the paper work for marriage, and in that process trying to get her husband to agree for marriage. But she is just an amazing woman. She continues attending church with her 3 daughters who 2 of them are baptized (the 3rd isnt old enough yet), and she is just patiently waiting for her husband to come along.
      We werent able to meet with Carlos and Maria Chavero this week because of how much they both work. But Mom, one of thier daughters who is 9 now was baptized when she was 8. And Maria even attended that baptism. She we just need to really continue working with them and get them excited about the blessing that come from living the gospel of Jesus Christ!
      So we had a wonderful baptism yesterday! Unfortanetly it wasnt ours but the wards. One of the 8 year old girls in the ward. They asked me to play the paino for the baptism. But it was so great! I dont think I have ever seen a little girl so excited to get baptism. She was just skipping around and singing in her little white dress. It is always a privelage to be part of any baptism. Of course its a little more special when its for one of your investigators, but every baptism is so great and such a powerful spirt present.
     So unlike England, it doesnt rain much, but when it does it comes down hard. Its literally crazy storms. And Im not really sure why, but it rained 4 of the 7 days this week. One of the times was when I was with the District Leader, Elder Smith, in my pench. We were just getting ready to leave when the storm hit. So we looked all around the pench and finally found an unmbrella. But it was the umbrella of Elder Flores who was in Mendoza at the offices. So we just took it because it was raining way hard. So we leaft the pench and walked like 20 sharing the umbrella when the wind snapped it in half and toar the plastic covering off haha. But its crazy because before the mission I would have been like , are you kidding me! I have to walk in this dumb rain. But now we were just like Ya fue (like oh well, or it went). We just kept walking and singing hymns haha. But by the time we reached his pench we were so wet haha! Literally like we jumped into a pool. it was the closest that I could to swimming here on the mission haha. But an interesting experience for sure haha!
     So yes, another transfer has ended, but this transfer we are getting over 30 new missionaries here in the mission, and only 10 went home and the end of this one. So President is having to open new areas and find a bunch of new apartments. So because of all of this, we arent finding out transfers and all of the information for next transfer until tomorrow, and changes arent being made until this Friday. Its a crazy but such an exciting time to be part of this work. Well, I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you do. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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