Monday, September 9, 2013

This is the life!!

Goodmorning everybody,
     Sounds like a typical amazing, crazy, busy week back home in the states! Thank you so much for the video Mom, even if you forgot me for the first 2 minutes. But thats ok, i forgive you haha! Amy, that dinner was looking good, you will have to make me some when I get home ok haha! And dally boy, you must be un hombre de acero, or superman to be looking this good this soon after the accident haha! But seriously, you are the man! Mom, you have to love mate here ok haha! But dont worry, I will make you a bunch when I get home and get you hooked on it as well!! Man, sounds like Dan is on fire and is just totally embracing the gospel. So amazing to see that happen, even from 6000 miles away! Tara jo, thank you so much for the pictures. My boys are studs! Fishing and everything, thats what im talking about haha! Oh and mom, you are more than welcome to share any stories, pictures, etc. with your seminary class. Anyway I can help, let me know! Dad, thank you for the football updates, both college and high school! Sounds like everyone of our teams is tearing it up! Everybody here is getting excited for the world cup coming up next year! Argentina plays Paraguay this Tuesday, so everything is probably going to just shutdown during it haha! Nae Nae, dang girl, way to go with your swimming! Keep working hard in practice and it will pay off! Jordy, wau to go with your killer serve that iv heard all about, and Tan Man, kill in football for me ok buddy! Oh, and Jordy poo, how was your date with Dally boy (the other one). I love that kid, tell him hi for me ok!! Wow, so many exciting things going on at home. Elaine is getting married too? So awesome, Im so happy for her! When is the wedding? Ah, Dad I am so excited to recieve that book. Iv been just recording quotes and stuff in my study journal, but its kind of just scattered throughout different notes. So I will be excited to be able organize my favorite ones in the book some time.
     Well this was a good week. Saturday we had the baptism of Shirley and Carla Vasquez, and it was so great! The whole rest of the family came to watch, even the father, and Said baptized them. We were stuck there all day filling that faunt again, but so worth it after the baptism. Everybody was so excited, especially Said! He was the one to first accept the missionaries and now two of his sisters have joined in with him. Soon to be his whole family in the future!! And of course after we had a nice big asado with some of the members and bishop. So good!
       So Familia Leiva is doing great! Natalia is on fire. She is doing better with smoking, only 5 a day now. And she is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy, she is just about to finish 1 Nephi. Omar pulled us aside when we were leaving after one cita, and he asked us how he can recieve an answer like his wife Natalia. So our next appoitment we taught about prayer and how to recognize answers from the Lord! Unfortunately they werent able to come to church yesterday because of car problems, but they are doing great. Seriously a family a gold!
      So kind of a funny, scary, and sad experience yesterday. We were walking to a cita through 25 de mayo, the more rough part of the area. But this lady called us over to her, and so was so drunk. She started yelling at us about how we are of the devil because we were dressed in ties and white shirts. She was tugging on our ties like Jessie would do to me and told us to throw them into the garbage. She tried telling us how Maria, the mother of Jesus, partook of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, and then after she grabbed my plack and tried to throw it into the asakia. or their ditches/sewage system here. Luckily I was able to grab it back from her before she did. But it was just so sad, because her son had passed away recently, and that is why she was drinking and mad at God. Finally we had to just walk away because she was getting out of hand and makind a scene.
      Well, now for the real news. We finished the transfer last week, and I recieved that call from the ZL´s, yep Im getting transfered. I am leaving Wednesday for Alvear, all the way down South of Mendoza. Like a 5 hour bus ride haha! And I will be serving with Elder Flores from Mexico. Im not going to lie, I really didnt want to leave Rodeo yet, I had so many great famalies that I didnt want to leave. I wanted to work more with and see baptized the Familia Leiva and the rest of the Familia Vasquez. But at the same time I am super excited! This will be my firs latin comp which should really help my spanish.
     Well, thank you so much for everything. I hope you have a great week, and I will talk to you next week from Avear. I love you all!

Elder Wengert-W9

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