Monday, September 23, 2013

¡Alvear 2A!

 Goodmorning mi Amor (thats what everybody calls eachother here, a little funny haha),
      Well, I hit my six month mark this week! Crazy how it has flown. But looking back I can see how much I have grown from so many different experiences both here in Argentina and at home! Man, sounds like a crazy week at home. Im so sxcited to hear about Dans baptism this Saturday! And Dallin is baptizing him, that will quite the experience. Sounds like Dan is doing so well, and is totally embracing the gospel with everything that he has! And the bbq will be nice afterwords. Maybe you can throw them an asado instead, with some carne, pollo, y churizo haha! Dad, no worries, you still have me on your side. You arent cheating, just playing it smart. But its funny, I think we got all of our competitive side from you. I remember growing up playing games for fhe like, and we would all give up and stop playing. But you alone would do do each of our turns until you won haha! Wow, MHS won again, why couldnt we have had this coaching change a while back haha! Man I am excited for Conference coming up. I think I will be able to get a tv set up in another room with some other gringo elders so we can watch it in english! Wow jess, you have a memory foam pad for your bed? That is rediculous! I didnt even have a pillow for the first 3 months here in Argentina haha!
     Well Tuesday we took the colective (bus) to San Rafael and had a meeting there with Elder Nuñez of the Seventy from Chile. This guy is incredible! He told us a story from his mission when he only had 2 months left and his mission president asked him if he was ready to leave for home yet. He told him, no! I was called for 24 months, and I will serve for 24 months! His president asked him, what do you want to do for the remainder of your mission, and Elder Nuñez said, I want to have 30 more baptisms. He didnt know how how to do this, so he was studying in the scriptures about Alma, and the desire that he had to bring every person into the fold of Christ. So he prayed and begged the Lord for this same desire. That next morning, as they left the pench, he felt that desire to talk to every person they saw. And thats what they did. Talked to every single person. He ended up not reching his goal, but he had 21 baptisms during that 2 months. it was just an incedible talk he gave.
    We went back to teach Perla this week. Im not sure what happened but she did not accept us at all. She told us to go away and not to come back. Then slammed the door. Man, it was tough to walk away from that house. We have the knowledge the she wants about her son, she doesnt know that she wants it. So we have continued to try to stop by, but havent had any luck contacting her.
    Antonia is doing great. She is 76 years old, doesnt have very much teeth, and is usually super dirty because she lives in this little tiny hous, well more like a hut. But she showed up to church yesterday all dressed up, make up, and her hair was even done. It was awesome! So we have her intravista this wednesday y the baptism is this Saturday! So we get to have a baptism together!
     So kind of a funny story. It was like 8 saturday night and we decided to stop by and see a less active family that we have been working with, they are doing super good and have come the last 2 Sundays after not going to church at all for 10 years. We do a lot of work here with less actives, a lot! But back to the story haha. We got invited in so we walk in and see 2 other guys at the table as well. They are an older couple, so we just thought it was two of their sons that we havent met or something like that. So we go and sit down with them at the table and we realize, oh man they are actually Jehovah Witnesses haha. So they gave a a quick a little message and we asked to give them a message. So we shared the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with them. Even left Book of Mormons with them and commited them to read the first chapter of 1 nephi and to pray about it. But as we were getting to leave, one of them starts chewing me out because Im gringo and I celebrate holoween haha. So we talked to him about for a few minutes and he started telling me that im of the devil and that good stuff haha. So finally we just told him, look we need to go. But Elder Flores and I were cracking up about it since he is from Mexico and holoween is a huge holiday there haha. A little crazy but funny experience as well!
     Well, I hope everybody has an amazing week! Mom, good luck with seminary, Tan Man, with all the help you are doing with moms seminary lessons you are probably already ready to serve a mission. Buy a ticket and head on over to Argentina and we can be companions haha! Good luck in volleyball and swimming Jordy and Naes. I will talk to all of you next week. I love you all!

Elder Wengert-W9

PS-Sorry about no píctures this week, a family in the rama are borrowing my camera to take pictures of their daughters wedding today. And Mom, I will have a Mission logo for you next week. I have that on my camera as well!

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